The 38-year-old superstar “accepts” The Bloodline’s dominance on WWE Raw


SmackDown star Sami Zayn appeared on WWE Raw to offer high praise to Roman Reigns’ family after becoming a full member of The Bloodline faction.

The latest edition of the red brand was advertised as “WWE RAW: The Absolute Best of 2022”, looking back at the top moments of the year.

During the early stages of the segment, Sami Zayn was humiliated as the company shared its worst moment when he clashed with Hollywood celebrity Johnny Knoxville at WrestleMania 38.

However, later in the segment, the honorary Yuse takes a trip down memory lane, recalling his time in alliance with the dominant faction. At the Survivor Series WarGames, The Tribal Chief and The Usos welcomed Zayn with open arms as he gained their trust to be a full USO.

Zayn initially claimed that this year has been amazing since joining WWE, praising the fact that he was honored to be a part of The Bloodline.

“The year 2022 has probably been the most remarkable year, certainly of my life, but also in the history of WWE. Why? Because of the most dominant faction of all time, The Bloodline. A faction of which, of course, I am a proud member. The Bloodline has dominated WWE in a way we’ve never seen before.”
He said that if we mention supremacy, remember the head of the table. The former Intercontinental Champion applauded and insisted that now is the time for everyone to “accept” Roman Reigns.

“And, of course, you can’t talk about dominance without immediately thinking of our Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t already, it’s time to acknowledge him. Is!”

Sami Zayn eliminated Solo Sequoia from The Usos and The Bloodline
During the same special edition of Monday Night Raw, the 38-year-old star also talked about Reigns’ cousins Solo Sequoia, Jimmy and Jey Uso.

Honorary Us specifically noted Sequoia’s debut at the 2022 Clash of the Castle for assisting The Tribal Chief in retaining his title against Drew McIntyre.

“You should pause and take a moment to remember the incredible debut of The Enforcer of the Bloodline, Solo Sequoia. We talk about dominance; we need to know The Usos and their quest to become the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions. Remarkable journey to talk about. All the time,” he said.

After defeating The New Day on SmackDown, The Usos broke their record of 483 days to become the longest reigning Tag Team Champions. Sami Zayn couldn’t stop singing the praises of the twin brothers as Jey Uso needed tears and sweat to explain his loyalty to the faction.

Zayn seems to be enjoying his life as a part of The Bloodline stable. On the final SmackDown episode of the year, Zayn sided with The Tribal Chief to take on Cena and The Prizefighter.

Do you think Honoree Us will betray Reigns’ family to reconcile with his former best friend Kevin Owens? Sound off in the comments section below.

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