According to the Hall of Famer, the current WWE act is as good as Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns

WWE legend Bully Ray believes the recent segment between Sami Zayn and The Usos is as good as the conversation between Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns.


Zayn officially became an honorary member of The Bloodline on the September 23 episode of SmackDown. Her friendship with Jimmy Uso has deepened since then, but the same cannot be said for Jai Uso.

At the Busted Open, Bully Ray claimed that Jay Uso’s apparent disdain for Jane is as amusing as the Heyman-Regans partnership. He also praised another Bloodline member, Solo Sequoia:

“I’m loving the conversation between Sami and the Usos,” Ray said. “It’s as good as the conversation between Heyman and Roman. They’re all getting along so well, even Solo stands right there — and I love Solo who’s a big key there.” ” sees like **.”

This week on Raw, Zayn lost to Matt Riddle while The Usos were in the ring. While Jimmy Uso tried to help, Jay Uso wanted the former Intercontinental Champion to face the riddle without interfering.

Bully Ray explains why Sami Zayn’s WWE matches have changed
Before coming to WWE in 2013, Sami Zayn was known as El Generico. He wrestled all over the world and grabbed everyone’s attention with his high-flying move sets.

Bully Ray believes Zayn’s character is strong enough that he doesn’t need to take high-risk steps to get audience feedback:

“Once you finish the character, once you get immersed in the story, the match becomes so much easier, and they respond to [fan] stuff,” Ray said. “You don’t have to be mad anymore. You don’t need to see Sami Zayn in the WWE ring doing what he was doing in the Ring of Honor ring as El Generico, killing himself. No. Now the character There it is, here’s the story. You can just have a regular wrestling match that people will buy.”
When Zayn interrupted Roman Reigns during an in-ring promo on Monday’s Raw, he was greeted by the Brooklyn crowd. Fans also repeatedly chanted “Sami Uso!” chanted. Chanted. In the middle of his match against Riddle.

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