WWE Legends other than John Cena who could return to face Bloodline

WWE Legend John Cena and leader of The Bloodline Roman Reigns are heading for a collision course during SmackDown’s final episode of 2022. The two are scheduled for a tag match and will be partnered by fellow superstars Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn respectively.

Roman Reigns, alongside The Bloodline, is by far the most compelling storyline WWE has rolled out to date. Prior to this, Reigns had been heavily pushed as a face but was not well-received by the fans. All that changed when the promotion repackaged the WWE superstar and reintroduced him as a heel.

With a seemingly formidable faction within WWE, it may well seem like it would take a pro wrestler with of Cena’s stature to bring forth major grief onto The Bloodline. Take a look at these WWE legends who might lace up their wrestling boots once again to give Reigns and the rest of his pack a good hiding.

#4. Rob Van Dam


WWE Legend Rob Van Dam may be a bit vertically challenged, but don’t be fooled as he remains a dangerous customer. To this day, the former WWE superstar can perform the high-risk maneuvers he is known for. He could certainly give any member of The Bloodline a hard time inside the ring if they were to fight.

WWE fans might recall that during this year’s Crown Jewel, Logan Paul delivered the most insane frog splash on Roman Reigns and this got The Tribal Chief pretty good. For those unaware, RVD was known to use the Five Star Frog Splash as a finisher, and in the event he returns to fight anyone from the heel faction, they’d better be ready to be splattered by this unpredictable Hall of Famer.

#3. Booker T is another WWE Hall of Famer who still has it

As mentioned, Booker T is another WWE legend who is a good matchup against any in-ring competitor from The Bloodline.

Booker’s long list of accolades that he has earned over the years speaks volumes about his abilities. The two-time Hall of Famer has been involved in memorable feuds and if he gets tapped by WWE to get off his commentating duties to fight The Bloodline, fans will be in for a sure-fire spectacle.

In line with this, the WWE legend addressed such an idea, especially going toe-to-toe against The Bloodline’s Head of the Table – Roman Reigns. He stated that stepping inside the ring with Reigns is likely to push him to get into the best shape he possibly can.

Who’s in to see Reigns or any of The Bloodline being dealt a nasty Scissor Kick?

#2. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin is a very viable contender for Roman Reigns or anyone from The Bloodline.

The Baddest S.O.B. on the Planet continues to please the WWE Universe whenever he makes an in-ring appearance. His match against Kevin Owens at WrestleMania sure was a memorable one, as he gave The Prizefighter an *ss whooping he will never forget.

In the event that a match against anyone from The Bloodline comes to fruition, the WWE legend will give zero Fs about the numbers game. Whether he’d be fighting solo or being partnered with a superstar, you are sure to witness a night to remember. Remember when WWE was invaded by both WCW and ECW in 2001 and Stone Cold’s return instantly turned the tide? That sure was one of the most bad*ss moments of The Texas Rattlesnake’s career.

Rumors about Stone Cold returning at WrestleMania 39 made the rounds a few months back. A clip of him working out was posted online, which sparked speculations.

The WWE legend addressed such rumors stating that he’s been working out after noticing that he’d begun to “look like sh*t.” Albeit the clarification, some fans believe that this could just be a ploy to misdirect.

#1. WWE Legend The Rock could be the one to humble The Bloodline

Topping the list is none other than The Rock. Nothing beats a blood versus blood kind of matchup.

Roman Reigns versus The Rock has been a match the fans have been rooting for quite a while now as the latter has been teased to return numerous times. Dave Meltzer spoke on the possibility of the WWE legend returning at next year’s WrestleMania stating that The Rock’s return was definitely a possibility.

Wrestling Observer
WOR: Dave Meltzer and Jim Valley discuss the possibilities of having John Cena, Steve Austin, and The Rock appearing at WrestleMania.


He further explained the stuff the WWE superstar is currently involved in, which includes TV and movie engagements and the XFL. Whether it happens at WrestleMania or not, these Anoa’i warriors will surely cross paths down the line.

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