Dominik Mysterio arrested: 5 things that could happen on Raw

WWE Raw star Dominik Mysterio was arrested on Christmas Eve after he attempted to take Rhea Ripley to her grandparents’ house, where her mother and father were celebrating the holiday season.

This time, Rey Mysterio was up for it, and even though Dominic pushed his father away, his mother slapped Ripley, causing the youth to be arrested. Mysterio was later released and noted that he was a free man on Twitter.

This could now be an integral twist in the tale and could lead to some interesting developments. Of course, there’s no live episode of WWE Raw tonight, but here are five things that could happen in the coming weeks.

#5. The two visit the Mysterio house once again for New Year’s Eve.

Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley had already invaded the Mysterio house and attacked Rey on Thanksgiving before attempting a repeat of it on Christmas Eve. Even though their plans seem to backfire this time, it’s likely that both stars will try to spoil New Year’s Eve for the Mysterio family, especially since Rhea Ripley will be looking for revenge on Angie.

With Mysterio on SmackDown and Dominik and Rhea on WWE Raw, it’s interesting to see these two stars continuing their personal issues on social media and YouTube.

#4. Dominik Mysterio talks about his time in prison and claims it changed him

Dominik could return next week on Monday Night Raw a changed man, and the former Tag Team Champion could claim that the few hours he spent in prison were life-changing for him and wants to reconcile with his father and Then used to leave the judgement. Day.

Of course, this would be another scheme by Dominic and Rhea Ripley to lure Rey Mysterio so that he could be attacked by his father. Mysterio has made it clear that he will not fight his son, but at some point he will change his mind when he realizes he has no choice.

#3. Rey Mysterio returns to WWE Raw

Rey Mysterio appears to have sent a clear message by arresting his son on Christmas Eve and refusing to allow him to be a part of the festive season. That being said, it is clear that this is not over yet, and now that his family is involved, it is likely that Mysterio will want to face it.

Mysterio currently has issues of his own with Karrion Kross, but he could be looking to return to WWE RAW to settle this vendetta with his only son.

# 2. Rhea Ripley seeks revenge on Rey Mysterio’s mother Angie

Rhea Ripley was slapped by Dominic’s mother, Angie, and clearly, she didn’t take it well because Angie only did it to protect her family. Dominique was the one who was arrested instead and told to stay away from the family, not Rhea, which means next week on WWE Raw, Rhea could be heading to the Mysterio house to exact some revenge.

This could easily turn this feud to a level one where even Alia Mysterio may have to return and defend her mother against Ripley.

#1. Dominik and Rhea Invade Revenge on Friday Night SmackDown

Since there is no episode of WWE Raw this week, there could be some action on SmackDown instead. The company is looking to make the final episode of SmackDown in 2022 one of the biggest episodes of the year, and Rhea and Dominik’s invasion could be in line with that.

Mysterio is currently feuding with Karrion Kross, but if he continues to wrestle on shows, the duo could attack and look to send a message, which in turn would prompt Mysterio to do the same thing on Raw. can inspire.

How do you think Dominik Mysterio will react after being arrested? Have your say in the comment section below.

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