Triple H reportedly threatened to expel the 10-time champion from WWE a few days ago

While WWE talents and personnel are enjoying the freedom afforded in Triple H’s regime, it seems like not every proposal can get the boss’ approval. D-Von Dudley was recently barred from appearing for Battleground Championship Wrestling, and it has been revealed that the 50-year-old legend was even close to losing his WWE job.

As reported earlier, D-Von Dudley was scheduled to appear at BCW’s “Tribute to the Extreme” show and was set to be in Bubba Ray Dudley’s match against Matt Cardona.

PWInsider was the first to report a few days back that D-Von Dudley was pulled from the show. A legal letter was also sent to Battleground Championship Wrestling regarding the usage of ECW intellectual property, which WWE owns.

Dave Meltzer provided more details on what happened behind the scenes leading up to D-Von Dudley’s removal from the BCW event. It was noted that the tag team legend first approached John Cone, Senior Manager of Talent Relations, regarding his BCW appearance.

Dudley was under the impression that he could accept the booking outside WWE as he was not on a talent contract. In case you are wondering, D-Von Dudley works as a backstage producer in WWE.

Bruce Prichard initially canceled D-Von Dudley’s plans before the idea ended up on Triple H’s desk, as revealed below in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

“He went through John Cone in talent relations who reportedly approved of the booking and he believed based on his contract, since he’s not a wrestler, that he was able to do things like that. Bruce Prichard nixed the booking and it ended up on the desk of Paul Levesque.”

D-Von Dudley, real name Devon Hughes, was allegedly adamant about showing up at the BCW show as he’d already committed to the same.

The Hall of Famer seemingly changed his stance on the matter after he was reportedly threatened with getting fired if he went ahead with the BCW booking.

Meltzer added:

“Hughes has said he was going to do it because he gave his word on it and Levesque didn’t give approval and he was basically told if he did it, he’d be fired, so he didn’t do it.”

Why did WWE not allow D-Von Dudley to accept a booking outside the company?

The 10-time tag team champion is no longer an active wrestler, as he worked his last match in 2016 before taking up a backstage role.

Dudley has also dealt with health issues this year, which required him to take a break from his WWE duties. While there wasn’t a legitimate reason specified, many people believe the promotion did not want D-Von Dudley to be involved in a “physical risk” while accompanying Bubba Ray during his match.

D-Von, however, was never going to get physical for Battleground Championship Wrestling, as his only task would have been to pull a table from underneath the ring.

“There was no real reason past the claim that they didn’t want him in a physical risk, but I’m not sure how much physical risk there is in pulling out a table since he was not scheduled for any physicality himself.”

Do you think WWE made the right call by pulling D-Von Dudley from the BCW event? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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