Top 5 WWE betrayals of 2022

In the tumultuous and fragile realm of WWE, relationships, alliances, and tag teams are never meant to last forever. 2022 was no exception to this general observation, as wrestling fans witnessed heartbreaking betrayals over the last twelve months.

On that note, let’s look at the top five betrayals in WWE over the last year, paying exclusive attention to those that transpired on the main roster.

#5 Former WWE Champion The Miz turns on Logan Paul at WrestleMania 38: Night One

@mikethemiz just gave @LoganPaul a Skull Crushing Finale following their victory at #WrestleMania!!!

WrestleMania 38 had no shortage of celebrity appearances. Still, perhaps none were as notable or popular as Logan Paul, who had his debut match on The Grandest Stage of Them All on Night One of the two-day extravaganza.

Paul teamed up with The Miz, WWE’s resident A-Lister, to face the father-son duo of The Mysterios. Like Bad Bunny’s in-ring debut a year ago, a tag-team match may have been a mechanism to hide the celebrity’s limitations and allow others to carry out the encounter. However, The Maverick wowed the hostile Texas crowd with his athleticism.

His fantastic performance may have made headlines, but the night ended sourly for the 27-year-old megastar. The Awesome One stabbed Paul in the back following their impressive, hard-fought victory over The Mysterios. Delivering a Skull-Crushing Finale to The Maverick, The Miz ensured that there was only room for one must-see superstar in the spotlight.

This inevitably led to a full-fledged feud between the former WWE Champion and the YouTube sensation. Logan Paul inked a contract with the company over the summer and had his first singles match against The Miz at SummerSlam. Once again, Paul silenced all his doubters at The Biggest Party of the Summer, putting on a tremendous show again and defeating The A-Lister.

The betrayal felt random, but it made sense considering the eight-time Intercontinental Champion’s massive ego and treacherous instincts. It was also an effective way of turning Paul face and introducing him into the spotlight.

#4 MVP turns on Bobby Lashley on the RAW after WrestleMania 38 to side with Omos

On the Road to WrestleMania, Omos embarked on an impressive run of dominance, destroying the likes of Commander Azeez and The Viking Raiders in an attempt to establish himself as a credible force. However, a returning Bobby Lashley challenged The Colossus just days before The Show of Shows.

At WrestleMania Sunday, The All Mighty put up an endearing performance to hand The Nigerian Giant his first pinfall loss on the main roster. It may have felt too soon to end his undefeated streak, but WWE had an exciting plan.

Before his untimely injury around the Royal Rumble, Lashley had a strong alliance with MVP, his long-time friend, and business partner. However, the former WWE Champion returned to face Omos without his manager. It seemed strange, but the scenario became apparent on the RAW after ‘Mania.

MVP returned to back Lashley only to stab him in the back and feed his former friend to Omos. This initiated a two-month-long program between The All Mighty and The Nigerian Giant, who now had an intelligent and experienced manager on his side.

At WrestleMania Backlash, The Colossus earned the most significant victory of his career when he pinned Lashley with external interference from MVP. However, The All Mighty would have his revenge when he defeated them both in a Handicap Match at Hell in a Cell to wrap up the feud.

#3 The Judgment Day turn on Edge on WWE RAW (June 6, 2022)

The Judgment Day turned on their patriarch
The Judgment Day turned on their patriarch

When AJ Styles accepted Edge’s open invitation for a match at WrestleMania, the Hall of Famer snapped and unleashed a heinous assault on The Phenomenal One, turning heel. This was just the tip of the iceberg. The eleven-time world champion embraced a dark, devious, and sinister mentality that was nothing like we’d seen before.

Claiming to be at the top of the Mountain of Omnipotence, he became some version of a self-centred deity. At WrestleMania, Edge defeated Styles, but with some distraction from Damian Priest. The two superstars forged an eerie alliance known as Judgment Day.

At WrestleMania Backlash, Priest was banned from ringside for Edge and Styles’ rematch. However, The Ultimate Opportunist had another trick up his sleeve. Rhea Ripley interfered to cost The Phenomenal One another victory over his arch-nemesis. The Hall of Famer’s stable was expanding as he brought two massive superstars under his wing.

However, things turned south when Edge invited Finn Balor, who the trio had been at odds with, to join the faction. Ripley and Priest betrayed their former mentor before unleashing a vicious assault that put the legend out of action for two months.

Edge’s heel run lasted for a brief period. However, the motives were understandable. The Rated-R Superstar had become a significant fan-favorite following his endearing in-ring return at Royal Rumble 2020. Being kicked out of the same faction he created was an excellent way of building sympathy and turning him face.

To this day, The Rated-R Superstar is at odds with Judgment Day, vowing to destroy his creation.

#2 Sami Zayn turns on his long-time best friend Kevin Owens at WWE Survivor Series: WarGames

@SamiZayn just solidified his loyalty to #TheBloodline at #SurvivorSeries #WarGames!

Heading into WWE Survivor Series: WarGames, everyone had many questions about the loyalty of Sami Zayn, who had been put in a very tight spot. Zayn had become “The Honorary Uce” of The Bloodline, a faction he referred to as his family, and sacrificed everything for them.

However, Zayn was up against his long-time best friend, Kevin Owens, who was on the opposing team and had become a significant hurdle in The Bloodline’s path. KO had advised his companion to betray Roman Reigns and his family before they did the same to him, but The Honorary Uce had other plans in mind.

In the Men’s WarGames Match, Zayn proved his loyalty to The Bloodline. He stopped a three-count, low-blowed Owens before crushing his jaw with a devastating Helluva Kick. The angle allowed Jey Uso, who always doubted his allegiances, to pin KO for the victory.

The betrayal was appalling and heartbreaking. Owens had a reputation for stabbing his best friends in the back. Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn had felt that. However, despite his selfish acts, Zayn was always loyal to the former Universal Champion. It was a surprise to see him turn on his brother-in-arms for a faction that would inevitably betray him one day.

#1 Dominik Mysterio betrays his father at WWE Clash at the Castle

When Edge returned to seek revenge on Judgment Day, he inadvertently drove a wedge between The Mysterios. Dominik Mysterio was jealous of his father’s respect, admiration, and trust in the Hall of Famer, whom he chose to partner with against Finn Balor and Damian Priest at WWE Clash at the Castle.

Judgment Day, especially Rhea Ripley, had consistently pursued and attacked the 25-year-old, trying to steal him away from his father. They accomplished their mission in Cardiff. After Edge and Rey Mysterio defeated Priest and Balor, Dominik Mysterio turned on his old man.

The former SmackDown Tag Team Champion joined The Judgment Day, the same stable his father was hell-bent on finishing. His actions grew more despicable with each passing week. Rey refused to put his hands on his son, who repeatedly criticized his loving dad.

On the October 10 edition of RAW, Dominik hit the 619 on his father, forcing the former WWE Champion to consider retirement and eventually land on SmackDown. The newest member of The Judgment Day didn’t stop then, either, as he invaded his family’s home at Thanksgiving with Ripley and attacked Rey Mysterio in front of his family.

It has been a rough couple of months for The Master of the 619, and one can’t help but feel sympathy for him.

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