“That measuring stick is correct” – the current WWE wants to make WrestleMania the main incident against superstar Kodi Rhodes


Since returning to WWE in WrestleMania 38 in April, Kodi Rhodes has been deployed as one of the company’s largest stars. Therefore, an artist who wants to share his spotlight is Grankon Waller.

The Australian star is currently performing in the WWE’s third brand, NXT. While he has not yet joined the raw or SmackDown, fans and wrestlers are already expecting that he is hoping to shine when he finally moves to the main roster.

Talking to Corey Graves after Bell, Waller said that he wants to go to everyone with American nightmare on the show’s show.

“It is now measuring the stick when it comes to a superstar. I first met Kodi and when he walks in a room, it’s a different feeling. It’s a choice, ‘Wow, this is the boy. ” If i main. I am going to the event WrestleMania, so I want to stand with a boy. ,

Rhodes has not been seen on WWE TV since the 7 June edition of Raw’s 7 June on Monday night. During the show, he was beaten by Seth Rollins, while also worked with a torn pectoral muscle.

How is Kodi Rhodes injury
The American nightmare has been out of action for more than six months. However, fans are hoping that he will return to WrestleMania 39 early next year.

Writing in the wrestling supervisor (requirement of membership), Dave Meltzer gave an update on Kodi Rhodes’ ongoing injury rehabilitation and potential WWE returns.

“Kodi Rhodes recovery is going well. He is doing heavy work to apply size and power with top level trainers and hit the validity of 240 pounds, which is the most thick in his life . When it comes to the ability to train and lift it becomes normal. No word when it does not return, it is understood that it is surprised. ”(H/TTJR wrestling)

Since returning to his WWE, Rhodes has suggested that his number one target is to win the World Championship in honor of his prestigious late great father, Dusty Rhodes. It will be interesting to see if he holds the iconic gold in 2023.

When and how would you like to return to Kodi Rhodes? Give us your views in the comment section below.

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