What did Dwayne Johnson say after a emotional moment with his wife in Los Angeles Ram game?

Dwayne Johnson openly shared his love and praise for his family. It was on full performance during the Los Angeles Ram game earlier this month.

On 4 December, Lauren Hasian welcomed fans at the Sophie Stadium for the game between Los Angeles Ram and Seattle Sehox singing the national anthem. The vision of more than 70,000 people in the crowd may actually be nervous, but the singer distributed the song innocently, and this may be due to the support of the current.

In a long Instagram post, Dwayne Johnson shared a video of her and her two daughters, Jasmine and Tiana, looking at the Hussian performance. In a long caption, The Rock expressed how the moment made him emotional and shared his children’s reactions, while his mother was performing.

“As a father, it shook my soul to catch our small people in this milestone moment, because I could literally feel their glorious energy and vibration for their maternal uncle – they felt it. At these young age, they do not understand how meaningful they are, this moment is for our family and the words of this song are so important for our great country and every American. ”

Interestingly, Dwayne Johnson may return to the same stadium in the next few months. It has been rumored for some time that The Great may be one of the stars appearing on a WrestleMania 39 that will be at the same Sophie Stadium.

Dwayne Johnson Los Angeles shares close ties with Ram athlete
Back in September, Rock shared an Instagram video, where he worked with La Rams, defensive tackle of Aaron Donald.

In the video, not only did he share the routine of his exercise, but also talked about how it is important to work for him, how both his father inspired him to work, and Los Angeles Ramas by Super Bowl Aaron’s response after winning. To end their workout session, both people exchanged the signed jersey.

“We are cutting with the same intense cloth with our passion for training, family and heritage. But what was really moved about Aaron, realizing that we were raised by both very similar fathers Those who taught us at the same age – there – there is no choice for hard work through discipline and hard father’s love. ”

Dwayne Johnson has shown that despite being a big time Hollywood actor and even a topical WWE superstar, his role as a family person always comes first.

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