WWE News Roundup – Liv Morgan’s relationship with top star released, 15-year veteran ready to return for World Title, big name accused of embarrassing company

Welcome to Sportskeeda’s WWE news roundup and as always, we have some big stories to cover that are making waves in professional wrestling.

A common trend under Triple H’s reign has been the return of many former talents. A 15-year WWE veteran who was released a few years ago recently revealed his desire to make a comeback and compete for the World Championship.

Liv Morgan also talked about her current relationship with one of her former rivals. We wrapped up the news roundup with a popular star being called out for her alleged unprofessionalism.

On that note, let’s take a look at the top news stories of the day:

#3. Matt Cardona ready to return to fuel world title aspirations

The man known as Zack Ryder has put on a stellar show since his WWE release in 2020. Matt Cardona has turned his career around with an incredible run on the independent circuit, and he wouldn’t mind working for his former company again.

Cardona spoke with Chris Van Vliet and confirmed that he would be willing to return as he still aims to capture the World Championship, which is currently held by Roman Reigns.

Matt Cardona spent 15 years working under Vince McMahon before he was let go during budget cuts. The retirement of Mr. McMahon has changed the landscape of wrestling, as Triple H has been re-signing talent almost every other week.

Cardona is also eyeing the possibility of joining the Triple H-led promotion, as he explained below:

“I’ll put it out there, a goal I’ve been saying for a long time is to win the WWE Championship. That’s not a lie. I’ll lie to you right now. Listen, when I got released, the goal was not to come back to WWE. Not that Was like, oh, what can I do to get them to notice? What can I do to get back in WWE? You can’t think like that. I certainly can’t.”
The former Intercontinental Champion has wrestled for several companies since leaving WWE, including AEW, Impact Wrestling, NWA and GCW. While Cardona has expanded his resume, the superstar still believes WWE is the best wrestling company in the world.

“But I’d be lying if I said I never want to wrestle at Madison Square Garden again, or I never want to do a WrestleMania match. Of course, I do because WWE is number one.” [h/t – Chris Van Vliet]
No one can argue that Cardona deserves another WWE run because of his impressive resume on the independent scene. Rumors are also strongly pointing to Zack Ryder’s return, but we’re not sure when that might happen.

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# 2. Liv Morgan comments on her relationship with Ronda Rousey

Amazingly, Liv Morgan is the only Superstar on the roster who can claim to have defeated Ronda Rousey twice. The biggest moment of Morgan’s career came courtesy of Rousey as she successfully cashed in her Money in the Bank contract on the former UFC star to win her first women’s title.

While Rousey won the championship back at Extreme Rules, Liv Morgan upped her game during her run with Rowdy One. During their feud, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion also developed a close relationship with Ronda Rousey.

Liv Morgan talks about her backstage equation with Ronda on Twin Talk with Haley & Hannah Cavinder. She confirmed that the two had been “away from each other” since wrapping up their on-screen rivalry.

Despite being one of Rousey’s first friends in the company, Liv Morgan, who went in and out of character, claimed that she had stopped liking her former rival after their matches.

Here’s what Morgan revealed about his relationship with Ronda Rousey:

Morgan said, “We’ve been a long way from each other since the title feud.” “But before that, I think I was one of her first friends in WWE. So when I won the title, she respected what I did and she was really happy for me. But yeah, no, I like her. Doesn’t after that.” [h/t Wrestling Inc]
Liv Morgan may no longer have a title around her waist, but she remains one of the most beloved female babyfaces on the roster.

#3. Dutch Mantle opens up on reports of Sasha Banks’ WWE release

Former Women’s Champion Sasha Banks may not return to WWE! The latest rumors suggest that the company may not be able to match The Legit Boss’s financial expectations and agree to a new contract.

Banks is a ten-time champion, and many fans immediately criticized Triple H and co. For potentially making a mistake by letting the superstar go. However, Dutch Mantell explained that WWE might be better off without Banks as he was not a fan of how she “embarrassed” the organization by walking out.

Poombarrassing the company. Now they are not inclined to work with her and, damn sure, not inclined to reward her because what that does is tell the other people, hey, if you’ve got a point, just walk out, make them chase you.” [34:18 – 34:46]
Mantell even claimed that releasing Banks wasn’t a mistake as she nears the end of her days as a top star. You can read more on that right here.

Are you disappointed or happy with the most recent Sasha Banks update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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