“This Guy Is Really Good” — Wrestling Legend Reflects On When WWE Fans Started Respecting John Cena

Former WWE Superstar Tommy Dreamer recently talked about being cheered on by John Cena fans and earning their respect.

Cena made a rare appearance on SmackDown this week when The Bloodlines appeared in the ring on the TitanTron. The 16-time World Champion mentioned that he had taken up Kevin Owens on his offer to form a tag team. Cena made it clear that he would return to face Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn on the December 30 episode of the show.

On a recent episode of the Busted Open podcast, Dreamer mentioned that Cena turned things around for himself during his run with the United States Championship. He elaborated that the Sensation Leader played great matches during that run, earning the respect of the fans and cementing himself as one of the all-time greats.

“When John Cena was the US Champion and he was throwing open challenges, match after match, bangers before bangers, it was one thing, then I thought it changed for John Cena. People were like, ‘Man, this guy is really cool.’ Appreciate what you have until it’s gone because it’s gone.” [3:22 – 3:42]

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Tommy Dreamer praises John Cena for being a cornerstone of WWE
During the same conversation, the ECW legend heaped praise on John Cena. He mentioned that Cena was the face of WWE for more than two decades and was always there for the company on big occasions.

“You have to applaud him because he left. He didn’t need to. John is always a great representative of WWE. John too, he can do that in the ring and he’s thrived almost everywhere. He was ” Good thing for Boo, as she was the outside team. He still always comes out of this amazing pressure and still plays great matches.” [2:10 – 2:45]

“For 20 years, you’ve created an environment for me to be my true self. You’ve also been brave enough to tell me when I suck and kind enough to tell me when I don’t ”

Dreamer elaborated that it was good to boo Cena back in the day, but now that he is away from the ring, the fans are beginning to appreciate him and respect his work.

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