WWE Is Right To Release Sasha Banks As She Nears Her “Expiration Date” As A Top Star, Claims Legend (EXCLUSIVE)

As per the latest rumours, Sasha Banks is no longer a WWE Superstar after being released from her contract. Banks’ exit has been seen in some circles as a significant loss for WWE. However, Dutch Mantell felt that WWE may have been right to let her go as she was no longer a big draw.

Despite being only 30 years old, Sasha Banks has enjoyed ten years with WWE and seven Women’s Championship reigns during her tenure. Like any other sport, WWE superstars have a shelf life at the top, and Dutch Mantel believes Sasha Banks is nearing the end of her ‘expiration date’ as a dominant singles performer in the women’s division.

The Legal Boss has been involved in several historic moments during the women’s revolution in WWE. He has also done well for himself outside of the ring during his hiatus.

However, Dutch Mantell stated that WWE could have done more with Sasha Banks on TV, and that the decision to release her may not have backfired in the long run. Here’s what the legend revealed on the latest episode of Smack Talk:

“So, I don’t think, Sasha, how long is it? Ten years? Every artist and every footballer, every basketball player has a shelf life. You put it on the shelf; you can almost see the expiration date, special Ostensibly a can of beans. Instead, it’s a wrestler sitting there. And WWE, if they use them right, they’ve had eight years, five by then, and they’re at the end of it. [34] :50 – 35:30]

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Dutch Mantel on Sasha Banks’ relationship with WWE: We’ve already got a big problem with her
As we previously reported, Dutch Mantel wasn’t a big fan of how Sasha Banks “had approached her employment.” They also criticized his unprofessional walk-out from WWE.

Mantel also did not disagree with speculation that WWE executives did not consider Sasha Banks to be a top superstar for another five years. The retired manager highlighted Banks’ controversial history with WWE and said that the company would ideally like to stay away from her unpredictable outbursts.

Mantel stated that Banks could also cause more trouble for WWE moving forward, and that in the end, not signing him to a new deal may have been the right call on Triple H’s part. The former WWE personality continued:

“Now they’re looking at her and saying, ‘Well, I don’t think she’s going to be a star going forward.’ And I can’t disagree with that. I don’t agree with it, but I don’t disagree either because we’ve already got a big problem with that. What can stop it from becoming a big problem again? Make them pay-per-view, we want to do it, but I don’t want to do it. This is nonsense.” [35:31-
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