The Bloodline Could Include Another ‘Uso’ On Next Week’s SmackDown, According To The WWE Universe

Over the past few weeks, The Bloodline have proven to the world that they are the most dominant stable in the world of professional wrestling. However, it looks like the stable will add another USO as the WWE Universe feels the time has come for Sami Zayn to become a full USO on next week’s SmackDown.

A few months back, Roman Reigns wanted Sami Zayn and Jay Uso to settle their differences. However, Jay declined the tribal chief’s order, to which Reigns mentioned that he would make Sami Zayn a full USO in the near future, regardless of Jay’s displeasure.

Last night, Jey Uso told Sami Zayn to prepare himself for next week as he and The Tribal Chief have a surprise for Hon’ble Us on the upcoming episode of SmackDown. The WWE Universe thinks that Sami will officially become the USO and officially join The Bloodline. Check it out:

@WWE @SamiZayn @WWEUsos @WWESoloSikoa If Sami is going to be the USO, he has to look good! Look at this which means, he can finally get a haircut and trim his beard! After all, no one should have longer hair and beard than the tribal chief!

@WWE @SamiZayn @WWEUsos @WWESoloSikoa No, Sami is not turning on. Roman will officially make Sammy the Uso.

It will be interesting to see if Zayn officially gets a facelift and becomes Sami Uso for the remainder of his time with the stable.

Sami Zayn helps The Bloodline win a WarGames match against The Brutes
Last month, on an episode of SmackDown, The Bloodline faced The Brawling Brutes after members of the stable eliminated Sheamus. The trio returned for revenge with the help of Drew McIntyre.

Later, both teams are drawn to settle their differences in a wargames match. The final member of Team Brawling Brutes was Sami Zayn’s longtime rival, former Universal Champion Kevin Owens.

Prior to moving to WarGames, Kevin Owens tried to persuade Sami Zayn to join the group before The Bloodline kicked him out. Jey Uso overhears their conversation and informs Roman Reigns about Zayn and Owens.

Luckily, Zayn showed where his loyalty lay as he tricked Kevin Owens by hitting him with a Low Blow and a Helluva Kick, allowing Jey Uso to pick up the win for the stable.

What are your thoughts on Sammy becoming Sammy Uso for The Stable? Sound off in the comment section.

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