5 reasons why The New Austin Theory can actually beat Roman Reigns

Austin Theory and Roman Reigns are just really different on so many levels. Nonetheless, the former was considered a personal favorite of former chairman Vince McMahon. He got a big push and was also called the future face of the company.

However, by the time McMahon left the building, it had largely calmed down. Despite this, Theory won this year’s Money in the Bank. However, his cash-in failed, making it one of the worst in MITB history.

Since losing the briefcase, WWE has put him in some sort of redemption arc as he returns as a more aggressive in-ring competitor with an eye on the prize mentality. This resulted in him capturing the WWE United States Champion, whom he had previously cashed in.

Some fans and critics believe that Triple H and his creative team may be building a theory for something bigger. As big as fighting Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship and defeating the Tribal Chief.

Other WWE Superstars could match The Bloodlines head of the table, but here are some reasons why Austin Theory could be the one to beat Roman Reigns.

#5. Austin Theory is an activist

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Roman Reigns would be making less in-ring appearances after WWE put him on a lighter schedule. Fans have already felt it as WWE Superstars are set to have matches during the promotion’s premium live events.

As for Austin Theory, he appears regularly on WWE TV, even appearing at some of the promotion’s house shows. While it’s true that Reigns’ in-ring work is top-notch, a lot of fans would still appreciate a champion they see more often.

As mentioned, Theory is the current US Champion and is currently feuding with Seth Rollins as The Visionary wants his belt back. The former successfully defended the title against Mustafa Ali via disqualification following interference from Dolph Ziggler.

#4. a youth champion in theory

WWE may also consider the age of their WWE Superstars to decide who will hold the title of World Champion. Fans will remember that Brock Lesnar was just 25 years old when he first won the WWE Undisputed Championship against The Rock at SummerSlam in 2002.

At 37, Roman Reigns still has plenty of time to compete in the squared circle. However, a young competitor in the form of Austin Theory is rising to the challenge and has the tough task of defeating a nearly unbeatable WWE Superstar like Reigns.

#3. The WWE Superstar Is The Lone Wolf Who Isn’t Backing Down Even If He Owns Roman Reigns

There have been calls for Roman Reigns to defend his title several times. If it weren’t for his family fame, those belts could have been taken away from him long ago.

The Austin Theory usually works alone. In contrast, a WWE Superstar never backs down, even when he knows he will either be stronger or outnumbered by his opponents. An example of this was the triple threat match for the championship title that he currently holds. He faced both Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley and won despite being beaten up.

WWE may be billing him as World Champion until he is honored. Maybe fans are already tired of the trope of Roman Reigns seeking outside help from teammates.

# 2. Mike Kaushal of Austin Theory

There’s no doubt that Austin Theory can certainly talk the talk. This can be seen in the time when she got rid of her obsession with taking selfies and understood a darker version of herself.

Additionally, this focused and more aggressive iteration of the WWE Superstar’s heel persona really stood out as it caught the ire of the crowd even more. This was demonstrated during the November 28 episode of Raw when his promo was interrupted by Seth Rollins.

Both Roman Rance and Theory together have already cut the promo. Now with Theory claiming he is no longer that child, the two would exchange words until they crossed paths again.

#1. WWE Hall of Famers now know why

WWE legends have been paying attention to what is happening with the promotion and Austin Theory is one of the WWE Superstars who caught their attention.

Wrestling legend Kurt Angle recently sat down with Sportskeeda’s Bill Apter to talk about Bill Apter’s principles. Angle said that he already knew why former chairman Vince McMahon pushed him so much during his captaincy. He also revealed that Siddhant is a complete package and said that he has a bright future in the promotion.

Another WWE legend, Booker T, also noticed Theory’s work in the ring. In his Hall of Fame podcast, he said that WWE Superstars can reach the next level. He even compared the US Champion to John Cena and pointed out his strengths.

Everyone understands that you have far greater talents, strengths, and gifts.

Han I ever had. Don’t apologize for that. sometimes. 20 years from now you should be forgiven if you fail to provide the EFFORT necessary to convert your potential into your legacy. I hope that day never comes. 🥃 twitter.com/_Theory1/statu…

Booker also claimed that the theory may already have the stamp of the 16-time World Champion, as seen in a tweet from a few months ago.

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