“Thank you for saving my life” – WWE Hall of Famer writes to Kevin Nash after a rough night

Kevin Nash recently shared a story about how WWE legend Sean Waltman once thanked him for saving his life.

Nash and Waltman were both members of a backstage group called The Click in WWE in the mid-90s. The group also included Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall and Triple H Nash. Nash occasionally shares interesting stories from the group’s time on the road.

On the latest edition of the Click This podcast, Nash shared a story about how Waltman once “took a couple too many somas.” Then the members of the faction took turns punching him in the face so that he could “get out of it.” Here’s what happened next, according to Nash:

“We’d stay up all night, wrestling with baby in the cold shower, like, taking him into the bath and carrying him up and down the hallway so he didn’t… we didn’t know if he was gonna Odie or not Or not or what. It goes on all night. He’s fighting, man, he’s crazy strong. It would take us all to catch up in an icy shower and walk up and down the hallway. [3:40-4 :12]
Waltman later thanked Kevin Nash for taking care of her and saving her life:

“We got that robe from the hotel we put him in to walk him up and down the hallway. Finally, at 6, he falls asleep. I sit there, I want to make sure he breathes at 9 He wakes up, and I’m sitting there, looking at him. He looks at me and goes, ‘Love you man, just want to say this time, thank you for saving my life,'” Nash said. Told. [4:13-4:36]

Kevin Nash and other Kliq members did quite well for themselve as professional wrestlers

The Kliq went on to do great things and basically ruled professional wrestling during the mid to late-90s.

While Kevin Nash and Scott Hall made it big in WCW as members of the legendary nWo faction, Triple H and Shawn Michaels formed DX in WWE, one of the greatest stables in history. After WrestleMania 14 in 1998, Waltman jumped from WCW to WWE to join DX.

What do you think of Kevin Nash’s story? Who’s your all-time favorite member of the Kliq?

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