WWE Legend Eric Bischoff Talks About Bringing His Former Rival Promotion To Canada

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff discussed bringing former rival promotion WCW to Canada.

In 1991, Bischoff became a commentator for WCW. He was promoted to Vice President of Wrestling Operations within two years. In 1994, he promoted her to the role of Senior Vice President and assumed direct control of WCW.

After launching Nitro and making money for WCW, Bischoff became the President of World Championship Wrestling.

In the company’s entire thirteen-year history, World Championship Wrestling has made only a few trips to Canada. Meanwhile, in today’s world of wrestling, companies such as WWE and AEW tour the country several times a year.

During an exclusive interview with Fightful, the Hall of Famer stated that it was extremely expensive and difficult to bring WCW to Canada.

“What was it like? It was very expensive. It’s really hard to do business in Canada. I think it’s great. I’m not negative. But they have a very strict immigration process, and some of our talent has DUI-driving is under the influence – and things like that are in their records. They couldn’t enter the country,” said Eric Bischoff. [h/t – Fightful]

Eric Bischoff talks to the talent as well as the producers of WCW
According to the WCW legend, at first the promotion had a difficult time dealing with immigration and DUI officials on their way to Canada. Unlike the Canadian producers, WCW talent and their producers faced issues.

Since Eric Bischoff’s promotion had to be formalized with the nation’s athletic commission, this led to a business deal.

“So not only do you have talent, some of whom have backgrounds, you have production crews and people who have difficulty getting into the country. You have to deal with the athletic commission. It’s very difficult to make television in Canada.” For producers other than U.S. It becomes very difficult to manufacture. I understand, and I think that’s great, but when we want to do business in Canada, we have to pay a price, he continued.

Scott Hall wrestles the #WorldWar3 match from The Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

WWE is reportedly planning to hold a premium live event in Canada in 2023, with the Elimination Chamber event in February of that year. The company’s PLE will be in Canada for the first time since August 2019.

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