Raw After Survivor Series Preview: Top Factions Ready To Return, Exciting New Battle For Returning Superstars Begins? (November 28, 2022)

Welcome to this week’s edition of Raw after Survivor Series. Survivor Series: WarGames is now in the books, and it certainly was a memorable event, if not perfect.

However, it successfully laid the foundation for how the rest of 2022 would play out on both Raw and SmackDown – at least in terms of major feuds.

Considering that the next premium live event is the 2023 Royal Rumble – exactly two months away, there is plenty of time left. We assume WWE will do what it usually does after Survivor Series: work up to some short-lived feuds to set up the 2023 Royal Rumble.

While no matches and segments have been announced as of this writing, here’s what is likely to happen on Raw after WarGames:

#5. What’s next for Judgment Day on Raw after a disappointing night at Survivor Series?

It was a bad night for The Judgment Day at Survivor Series: WarGames. Rhea Ripley lost the WarGames match and Asuka received a green stain on her face, while Finn Balor was defeated by his opponent AJ Styles.

Even Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson managed to overcome Dominik Mysterio and Damian Priest. Neither Rhea Ripley nor “Mitchin'” Mia Yim were involved prior to their WarGames match.

Overall, this was one of the worst nights for Judgment Day, and they will look to make a huge comeback this week on Raw. Whether it’s a title challenge or something else, you can be sure the faction will make a big statement when they return at Survivor Series.

#4. What’s next for Becky Lynch after her triumphant return? Becky Lynch ends the WarGames match with a spectacular drop
Becky Lynch finishes the WarGames match with a spectacular drop
Becky Lynch was the last member of Bianca Belair’s team, and she also proved to be the difference maker of the night as she performed a huge move from the top of the cage to pin Dakota Kai and win the match.

While it would be logical to assume that their rightful spot would be against Bianca Belair, the fact that the two are babyfaces and potentially affiliated means that WWE has no plans to pair the two against each other again. Is. ,

As far as what’s next for the Raw Women’s Champion, we’ll get to that later. But Becky Lynch had a feud with Bayley, and it may surprise some to learn that a proper singles feud between the two horsewomen never took place (despite their appearances in the main event of Survivor Series 2019).

It looks like Damage vs CTRL is going to be an exciting new match for Big Time Beck on Raw for the rest of 2022.

#3. What will The Miz do against Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis this week?

Last week on Raw, The Miz avoided facing Johnny Gargano because he claimed he injured himself while filming a TikTok. He had a suitable replacement – ​​Nigerian nightmare Omos.

Miz looked into the commentary booth and laughed, while Omos crushed Gargano in an apparent result. The Miz is doing whatever he can to avoid Dexter Lumis and even Johnny Gargano, what tricks will he use this week?

#2. What’s next for Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Blair? Raw Women’s Champion will be looking for a new challenger
Raw Women’s Champion Will Likely Look For A New Challenger
Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair had been feuding with Bayley and Damage CTRL for almost four months this year. While he defeated The Role Model several times, Damage’s rivalry with CTRL came to a fitting end at Survivor Series: WarGames when Belair’s team was victorious.

Bayley no longer has a claim to the title, and when asked what’s next for her, Bianca Belair had two names to mention – Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair. Dream hasn’t had a feud with Ripley on the main roster and we recently saw them having a brief conversation backstage to tease a potential feud.

At the same time, Charlotte Flair has been away from WWE for more than six months. It is rumored that she is Bianca Blair’s opponent at WrestleMania 39. So we doubt there will be a fight. Who will step forward to face the Women’s Champion?

#1. Austin Theory Begins Its New Run On Raw Austin Theory proves he is no longer the future – he is “now”.
The Austin Theory proved that it’s no longer the future – it’s the “now”.
Austin Theory had a moment of glory at Survivor Series: WarGames as he defeated Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley to become a two-time United States Champion.

Since Theory lost his briefcase on Raw, there has been a change in his attitude – he refers to himself as the “now” rather than the future. Eager to fulfill Vince McMahon’s prediction about himself, he will now enter Monday Night as a proven man.

Some might say that his win at Survivor Series was lucky, but he did nothing illegal. However, nothing indicates that he will have a new feud. Instead, don’t be surprised if Seth Rollins or even Bobby Lashley keeps looming around the United States title picture.

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