Sarah Logan reacts to her unique name change after WWE Survivor Series

Sarah Logan recently made her return to WWE after being teased in vignettes for several months. On the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, WWE gave her an extravagant new name, Valhalla, and she’s now a member of the vicious Viking Raiders.

During a series of vignettes promoting the return of the tag team, the name Valhalla was used, but it was unclear whether Logan would continue to use that name.

Interestingly, Logan’s new ring name consists of the words Valar, meaning “fallen,” and Hall, meaning “hall.” Therefore, Valhalla means “hall of the fallen.”

The wrestler formerly known as Sarah Logan responded to her name change by claiming that the gods revealed her real name:

“I am no longer Sarah Logan. I am beloved by the moon. And the gods have spoken my true name. I am Valhalla,” she tweeted.
You can see Logan’s tweet below:

How will WWE wrap up Sarah Logan’s bold storyline with her new name?
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the 29-year-old Logan was released from his WWE contract in 2020 due to budget cuts.

Triple H didn’t hesitate to bring back some of his favorite NXT wrestlers who had been let go by the company. He was primarily responsible for signing Logan and developing him in NXT.

Under Triple H’s reign, The Viking Raiders had some of the most tremendous success in WWE. They were the NXT Tag Team Champions, never losing the title before being called up to the main roster.

Valhalla is proud to have been “born in the woods and raised in the mud”. This upbringing has given him a hunter-gatherer survival instinct. Perhaps this is a new development, and the added plotline in which Valhalla takes orders from the gods and delivers them to Erik and Ivar is an intriguing twist.

WWE’s chief content officer is keeping fans on alert with game-shifting changes to its television product. It will be interesting to see how The Viking Raider fares on the blue brand.

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