4 WWE Superstars Who Missed Survivor Series: WarGames – What Can They Do Next?

WWE Survivor Series: WarGames was an eventful evening of top-class in-ring action and great storytelling. Highlights of the show included Austin Theory winning the United States Championship, Bianca Belair reigning supreme over Team Bianca, and Sami Zayn betraying Kevin Owens to reaffirm her loyalty to The Bloodline.

Only five match-ups took place on the show. The WWE roster is full of incredible talent. As a result, many talented superstars missed out on Survivor Series: WarGames. This list explores four such men and suggests possible directions for them.

Note: This list only considers members of the roster who could have participated in an ongoing storyline on the show.

#4 Mustafa Ali misses Survivor Series and his future doesn’t look very bright

There’s no shame in losing to the biggest and baddest dude on the roster. shame alone won’t fight back

Heading into Survivor Series, the United States Championship scene was red-hot. It revolved around a fighting champion in Seth Rollins and two vengeful former title holders in Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory. However, it also included a resilient Mustafa Ali, who was brutally booted out of the title picture.

It was supposed to be a Fatal Four-Way, but WWE went ahead with the Triple Threat. Ali was out of the equation much sooner than expected. He was receiving three consecutive weekly beatdowns at the hands of The All Mighty, which hurt his credibility.

Ali doesn’t have much to offer with zero pace. He could then re-enter the title scene, but would likely serve as a placeholder challenger to eliminate Theory. Unfortunately for the Raw Superstars, Lashley will not be happy after his loss at Survivor Series.

The All Mighty Bobby Lashley vowed to take on anyone who stood in his way toward the United States Championship. So, if Ali chooses to pursue the theory, he could again face the wrath of Lashley.

#3 Karrion Kroos has no clear direction yet Karrion Kross put Madcap Moss to sleep a few weeks back.
Karyn Kross put Madcap Moss to sleep a few weeks ago.
Following his massive loss to Drew McIntyre at Crown Jewel, Carrion Kross has taken a few steps away from the limelight. In recent weeks, Kross has been involved in a minor mid-card feud with Madcap Moss, who hasn’t done much lately.

While The Brawling Brutes and Drew McIntyre were recruiting their final team-mates, The Bloodline speculated that Cross could be the mystery man. Remember that the former NXT Champion attacked McIntyre the night he returned against Roman Reigns and The Usos.

All of these subtle signs suggest that Cross may soon be challenging for the Undisputed World Championship, but that doesn’t seem to be the case now. The most likely direction is the continuation of his seemingly stale program with Moss.

Happy Corbin’s former pupil took Emma’s side. Therefore, the mixed duo could face Cross and Scarlett in a mixed tag match at the end of the year.

#2 Gunther prepares for a titanic clash with Braun Strowman

Although he has been ousted from the SmackDown World Cup, Braun Strowman could be the next contender for Gunther’s Intercontinental Championship. This prophecy is based on The Monster of All Monsters’ recent interactions with the Austrian Anomaly and the Imperium.

If it was not for Gunther, Strowman would have defeated Ricochet to advance to the finals of the tournament. The ring general was clearly intimidated by the former Universal Champion when they crossed paths in a tag-team match. However, the Intercontinental Champion would finally have to face his greatest enemy on the main roster.

Survivor Series was the second premium live event without an Imperium leader and the third without an Intercontinental Championship match. It would be wise to move the storyline between Strowman and Gunther on the show, but WWE will treat this as a classic television rivalry going forward.

#1 Bray Wyatt could target L.A. Knight again

Bray Wyatt was the most notable omission from the card for Survivor Series: WarGames. After weeks of flirting and promos, Wyatt finally got physical with L.A. Knight, and it was only a matter of time before he returned to the ring. The storyline had enough fuel, hype and heat to land a spot on the card, but WWE largely pulled both men out of the show.

However, the animosity between Wyatt and Knight would soon spiral out of control. The former apologizes to the latter for chopping off his head, but receives two slaps. The former Million Dollar Champion was later found unconscious in an assault involving Wyatt, who denied involvement in the assault. Must be Bray Wyatt vs La Knight taken place at Survivor Series, but the blow-off to this feud will transpire on SmackDown towards the end of the year.

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