Sami Zayn sacrifices his best friend for Roman Reigns and The Bloodline, champion’s terrifying bot leaves fans disappointed – WWE Survivor Series WarGames 2022’s Biggest Flops and Hits

WWE Survivor Series WarGames is finally in the history books, and it was a memorable affair. While the event went well for most of its duration, the last two matches stole the show.

The clever locations and intricate plot gave rise to many unforgettable moments. However, a performance in the championship match left a sour taste.

Here, we take a look at the biggest flops and hits of Survivor Series WarGames 2022. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

#1. Hit at WWE Survivor Series WarGames – Sami Zayn

The main event of the Survivor Series WarGames was all about Sammy Zayn and his loyalty. Tension was high between Jey Uso and Sami Zayn as they engaged in several aggressive moments involving each other. From pushing each other to taunting, a lot happened between the two. At one point, Jey Uso accidentally superkicked Sami Zayn, but it was all a surprise moment.

In the closing moments of the match, Kevin Owens hit Roman Reigns with a Stunner to gain complete control of the champion. He went for the pinfall and was close to winning, before Zayn stopped the official from hitting him to the mat for the third time. The former best friends engaged in a Stardown as anticipated on the arena, only for Zayn to surprise everyone by landing the knockout with a low blow.

He then hit a helluva kick on Kevin Owens, after which Jey Uso hit a splash to give The Bloodline the win in the men’s WarGames match. Zayn’s actions in the Survivor Series wargames effectively removed all doubt over his loyalty.

Reigns was the first to acknowledge his dedication to the faction and embraced his honorary mask to celebrate. But the crowd erupted with a pop when Jey Uso hugged Zayn to bury the hatchet.

The two superstars gave us one of the best storylines in WWE this year in the main event of Survivor Series WarGames. Jay Uso has accepted Sami Zayn as a part of The Bloodline, and it will be interesting to see what awaits Honorary Uso, or “Sami Uso” as fans call it.

#2. Hit on WWE Survivor Series WarGames – Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins put his United States Championship on the line in a triple-threat match at Survivor Series WarGames 2022. They faced Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory, in which The Architect lost his gold. However, he still gave one of the best performances of the night and further cemented his position as the MVP of WWE this year.

Seth Rollins proved his mettle as a champion with his impressive performance in the ring. The three superstars fought ferociously until the end when a mistimed move by Bobby Lashley caused him to spear The Architect, however, the latter lifted Theory over his head with a Falcon Arrow.

This allowed Theory to fall on top of Rollins and go for the pinfall before Lashley came back.

Theory pinned Rollins to win the United States Championship, but only Lashley actually lost the match. In a way, The All Mighty and Theory’s storyline completely changed as Lashley settled for the Money in the Bank cash-in on Raw, giving the budding star a chance to win the gold two weeks after initially being offered the chance. . Created.

Rollins deserved a long title reign and his performance at Survivor Series WarGames proved that statement. But the title loss can now lead him towards Roman Rance.

Fans have been waiting for him to win the World Championship for a long time. Few in the company deserve this top prize after their work of delivering thrilling matches at every show this year.

#3. WWE Survivor Series WarGames – Becky Lynch hit

Becky Lynch returned as the fifth member of Bianca Belair’s five-woman team in the WarGames match. She had a bone with the Damage CTRL members to injure her after SummerSlam and decided to make Nikki Cross and Rhea Ripley victims as well. The Man was back to his best form as he decimated Bayley’s team inside a monstrous steel cage.

After putting up a tough fight throughout the match, he stole the show in the final moments of the bout. Belair and Lynch teamed up to hit IYO SKY and Dakota Kai with their finishers. Lynch then piled the two Damage CTRL members on the table, while the current Raw Women’s Champion hit Bayley with a devastating KOD, sending her into the steel cage.

Meanwhile, Big Time Beck made his way to the top of the cage and crashed through the table with a leg drop, dropping Skye and Kai. She then pinned Dakota Kai to win the match for Bianca Bayley.

R’s team.

WWE fans missed Becky Lynch when she was out, and her performance at the Survivor Series wargames proved that she is back to take the top spot in the women’s division.

#4. WWE Survivor Series WarGames – Hit on AJ Styles

At Survivor Series WarGames, AJ Styles faced Finn Balor in a dream match. The history between these superstars and their real-life friendship has kept fans excited for the bout since its inception, but unfortunately it did not appear tonight.

Despite the limited crowd participation in the match, Styles and Balor did well to put on a short but entertaining bout.

Both the superstars took turns to dominate the match and get the best of each other. After a hard-fought battle that saw sporadic moments of aggression, Styles picked up a big win and ended his seven-loss streak at premium live events.

It will be interesting to see how this result affects the future of Judgment Day on Raw and the much anticipated return of Styles.

#5. Flop at WWE Survivor Series WarGames – Ronda Rousey

WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey successfully defended her SmackDown Women’s Championship at Survivor Series WarGames. Despite the victory, he disappointed fans with his performance in the bout, while Shotzi impressed the spectators.

While no one expected the title change, many started rooting for the challenger halfway through the match as they circled all the memorable moments during this encounter on the show.

Fans were especially furious about one bot, who saw Ronda Rousey fail to grab Shotzzi near the apron, causing Shotzzi to fall.

Shotzi goes to the top rope to deliver a DDT, but Rousey slams her in the middle, causing her to fall. While the champion hit the apron, Shotzi had to take the most dangerous spot.

The champion’s work on the mic left much to be desired, and a weak in-ring performance at the subsequent Survivor Series wargames exposed further flaws in his title reign.

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