WWE Survivor Series 2022: Ranking and grading each match

WWE’s last premium live event Survivor Series 2022 of the year proved to be quite a hit. As always, there were no bad matches on the cards.

While each varied in impact and quality, WWE Superstars put in a great effort tonight. As expected, WarGames’ matches were unique and extreme. But how good were they? and which one was the best?

Let’s take a look at each and every bout of WWE Survivor Series 2022, grade them and rank them from worst to best. What was your favorite at the event? Let us know in the comments section below!

#5. Ronda Rousey vs Shotzi – WWE SmackDown Women’s ChampionshipRonda Rousey vs Shotzi – Survivor Series 2022
Ronda Rousey vs Shotzi – Survivor Series 2022
The match wasn’t as bad as some of the WWE premium live event matches that took place earlier this year, but Ronda Rousey’s match against Shotzi didn’t affect Survivor Series 2022 at all. It was average, mainly due to the lack of doubt over the result.

Shotzi put up a good fight and sometimes looked to be winning, but Rousey always took her down. Some spots were quite uneven, though the challenger’s barricade dive on SmackDown Women’s Champion and Shayna Baszler impressed.

The end saw Ronda Rousey hit her pit before locking Piper in an armbar for the submission win. Survivor Series 2022 didn’t have enough excitement to carry it past any other match.

grade B-

#4. Finn Balor Vs AJ Styles – WWE Survivor Series 2022AJ Styles Vs Finn Balor – Survivor Series 2022
AJ Styles vs Finn Balor – Survivor Series 2022
As expected, the former leaders of The Bullet Club put up a great match at Survivor Series 2022. Outside mischief was also kept to a minimum as The Good Brothers battled through the WWE Universe alongside Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio.

The action was slow and AJ Styles and Finn Balor were going counter-for-counter. The Phenomenal One came close to winning with a calf crusher and eventually defeated The Prince with a Phenomenal Forearm.

It was a great return to form for Styles, who wrestled his first singles match at a WWE premium live event in three years. A great match between two top level superstars.

Grade: B+

#3. Team Bianca vs. Team Belle – WarGames Match

Survivor Series 2022 kicked off with a Women’s WarGames match and main roster introductions for the iconic double steel cage. Bianca Belair and Bayley lead their teams of five in an epic battle.

EST of WWE kicks off with WarGames veteran Dakota Kai, but the action quickly turns into a frenzy. The color changed every three minutes with each artist joining in, as we got some thrilling high spots and brutal weapons action.

Nikki Cross was particularly impressive, diving over the cage to run across the rest of the field. While some places didn’t go as planned, there were more than enough that worked out well. IYO Skye and Asuka put on generally great performances, while Rhea Ripley showcased her strengths, and Bayley was at her innovative best.

But in the end it was Becky Lynch’s match. He hit a big leg drop from the top of the cage on Dakota Kai before pinning him for the win. The women really made a difference in the first ever WarGames match on WWE’s main roster.

grade A-

# 2. Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Austin Theory – WWE United States Championship

Survivor Series 2022 saw the best non-wargame match, with Seth Rollins defending his United States Championship against Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory. This triple-threat contest was extremely enjoyable, with great performances from all three men. Some sequences were excellent.

Siddhant was at his opportunistic best as he relentlessly tried to outwit his more experienced opponents. Meanwhile, Lashley showed his dominance, even locking in the Double Hurt Lock.

However, Rollins was the star of the match at Survivor Series 2022. His Frog Splash to break up a pin was spectacular, as he leapt off Theory’s back and stomped on The All-Mighty. The Visionary is the main reason this bout was so good, even though he lost the United States Championship to the 25-year-old star.

WWE got creative with the end of the match when Austin Theory pinned Seth Rollins after being speared by Bobby Lashley. Better things are expected for all three men after Survivor Series 2022.

grade A-

#1. The Bloodline vs. Team Brawling Brutes – WarGames Match

The main event of Survivor Series 2022 was rich on two fronts: sustained action and supreme storytelling. From a feud between Sami Zayn and Jay Uso to Kevin Owens powerbombing members of The Bloodline, things escalated as more competitors entered the match.


Things took a huge turn when Roman Reigns entered the WarGames cage. The atmosphere changed. Chaos ensued, which only meant more fun on location. Among them, the entire team of babyfaces were hitting 10 beats of Bodhran on a Bloodline member.

Amidst the carnage, Jey accidentally superkicks Zayn while WWE fans continue to bite several more people in near falls. The biggest came when Kevin Owens hit a Stunner on The Tribal Chief and The Honorable Us stopped the referee’s count.

He proved his loyalty to The Bloodline with a Helluva Kick on the knockout before paving the way for Jay Uso to hit the Uso Splash for the win. The finale of the match was about the great story WWE is telling between Sami Zayn and The Bloodline, the best thing that has happened on Raw and SmackDown.

Survivor Series 2022 should end with The Bloodline at their strongest. It’s even better that it came after an excellent WarGames match.

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