John Cena may decline offer to face a major WWE star due to injury risk, veteran says (EXCLUSIVE)

John Cena’s name has once again surfaced online in connection with his in-ring return, with speculation that WWE may consider booking him against Logan Paul. Vince Russo responded to the potential match-up and explained why it would be unsafe for Cena to wrestle against Paul.

The popular YouTuber recently confirmed that he texted Triple H about wanting a match against John Cena at WrestleMania.

Although it would be fitting for the 16-time World Champion to compete in Hollywood, California, Vince Russo felt that he would be at risk of serious injury if Cena agreed to share the ring with Logan Paul.

John Cena was last seen at SummerSlam 2021 in a losing effort against Roman Reigns. In contrast to the dependable Tribal Chief, who has faced John Cena several times, Russo highlighted the dangers of a match against an inexperienced Logan Paul.

The former WWE writer revealed on The Wrestling Outlaws:

“Not only that, Chris, you also have to pay attention, especially working with someone like Logan Paul. He’s not working with Roman Reigns. He’s not working with someone he’s familiar with. Bro, there’s a risk of injury, and I mean, you gotta watch it.” [2:41 – 3:06]

While Vince Russo was aware of the veteran star’s loyalty to the company, he was unsure whether the 45-year-old would be willing to gamble on his physical condition for one more appearance in WWE.

“I have to tell you, man, where WWE is right now, I know again, he’s a very loyal guy; I don’t know why he would do that.” [3:31 – 3:58] Vince Russo is probably not over John Cena

The franchise player has undoubtedly cemented his status as a Hollywood star over the years. John Cena has been involved in several high-profile movie projects and most recently played the lead role in the hit HBO series Peacemaker.

Vince Russo acknowledged Cena’s achievements as an actor and stated that major film studios would ideally like to protect his assets at all costs. Russo stated that a contract could also prevent John Cena from wrestling, as even minor injuries can cause substantial losses for production companies.

Going tough against Logan Paul would not be a wise decision, as Vince added below:

“Chris, for all we know he might have a contract with the studio that might not allow him to do that because if he gets injured, now his filming schedule would be messed up. Like I said, bro. I think it’s a possibility.” Hike when you’re with a man like Logan Paul. It’s not like he’s wrestled 100 times.” [3:07 – 3:30]

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