EC3 Claims There’s Only One Superstar To Win John Cena’s Alleged “Burial” (EXCLUSIVE)

WWE fans have a short list of Superstars they believe John Cena is buried under. For years, Cena was accused of robbing wrestlers of big wins and moments, possibly ruining their push in the process. EC3, a real-life friend of the champion, hit back at the critics and named an exception to the rule.

Speaking to Dr. Chris Featherstone and former WWE writer Vince Russo on the latest episode of The Wrestling Outlaws, EC3 was full of praise for the 16-time World Champion – a man he considers an inspiration to himself and the locker room . described as

EC3 continued, citing Bray Wyatt as the only exception to the rule of John Cena’s alleged “burial” – which he claimed was not true at all:

“Sometimes all you need is a big challenge to get over a loss, come back and use it to beat you. I think Windham, Bray Wyatt, is that example because of the relationship he has with him. The match was going on and people said ‘He’s hitting Bray Wyatt’s push! He’s killing it! He is killing it’. No! What he did years later with [The Fiend] made him kind of a hot character. Gives the back story, John can’t wait to get into an angle with something more unique than he possibly can. [4:50 to 5:22]
You can watch the full video below:

What happened when Bray Wyatt and John Cena met in their epic cinematic match?

After it originally happened, John Cena restarted his feud with Bray Wyatt after six years in 2020. While Cena came out on top at WrestleMania 30, he would cross paths with his old rival, who had developed the much more popular “Find” character. point.

While we may not know what WWE’s original plan was for the Cena-Wyatt match at WrestleMania 36, ​​due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the absence of fans allowed them to experiment with a “cinematic” match, which saw Cena lose. the sadness.

This was a real “match” – one that didn’t necessarily end in a traditional pinfall. Instead, Cena disappeared and did not return for a long time. This was considered a victory for Bray Wyatt.

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