WWE News Roundup: Details on top names ‘anger issues’ if things don’t go their way, 3-time World Champion wife insulted backstage, Roman Reigns big return for match?

Welcome to another edition of the daily WWE News Roundup, where we try and bring you the biggest and most interesting stories from the world of sports entertainment. In today’s edition, we look at the news revolving around top names like Roman Reigns, Mick Foley and CM Punk.

CM Punk has been embroiled in controversy ever since he got into a backstage fight with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks following AEW’s All Out. However, this was not the first time the former WWE Champion was involved in backstage brawls. The freed Superstar opened up about his behavior backstage in WWE.

3. John Morrison comments on CM Punk’s anger issues in WWE

Former IC Champion John Morrison talks to Bootleg Universe about his time working with CM Punk in WWE. While Morrison praised Punk’s talent, he also revealed that Punk was always angry when things didn’t go his way. He also said that the former AEW Champion revolutionized the industry.

“He’s always angry when things don’t go his way.” In his defense, what he wants is to make it, you know? … I don’t know the exact details of his injuries, but I think he … tore his upper tricep or something on the dive, … which is very disappointing. So he’s frustrated because he’s got such a huge opportunity to run the company, and he’s got such a huge paycheck, and he tears up his tricep and his leg,” Morrison said.
Morrison also claimed that he wrestled Punk over 100 times in his career. He said that initially she nodded, but after the first 20 matches, their chemistry was really good. Morrison was released by WWE last year due to budget cuts.

2. How Mick Foley’s wife was insulted backstage

Hall of Famer Mick Foley told how his wife and children were treated poorly backstage in 1996. Foley said on his podcast that he still doesn’t understand why he didn’t make a bigger issue out of the situation.

”The agent – and I don’t need to name the agent – may have been playing my hand by not allowing my family backstage. And took them to a bathroom where the sewage line was found open. And why I didn’t stand up straight and say ‘It doesn’t fly,’ I don’t know,” Foley said.
Mick Foley also talked about the no-wife decree issued by WWE, wherein wrestlers were not allowed to bring their wives backstage. He told how his wife Colette had to spend time alone because of it. Foley also said that in retrospect he thinks it was a bad move.

1. Chavo Guerrero set to return for Roman Reigns vs. The Rock

Former ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero told WrestlingInk that he is open to returning to the company if given the opportunity. He stated that he would be interested in playing a part in the rumored match between Roman Reigns and The Rock at WrestleMania 39.

“What was really cool is that we’re teasing season two. The internet went crazy. It was really cool. I’d love to see that. And I’d love to see the guys involved in ‘Young Rock,’ and I’m fantastic.” Am.” Going to happen.” Chavo said.
Chavo Guerrero is the nephew of Eddie Guerrero and played a prominent role in the tag team division of the Ruthless Aggression era alongside his uncle Eddie. He also held the ECW Championship in the company. It’s been 11 years since a member of the Guerrero family has been in a WWE ring.

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