Who is Brock Lesnar’s daughter Maya Lynn Lesnar and can she join WWE?

Brock Lesnar is one of the well-known superstars of WWE, but he keeps his personal life mostly private. However, few have heard of Maya Lynn Lesnar, one of the talented children of The Beast.

Brock Lesnar and Sable had other partners before tying the knot. The former used to be with Nicole McClain, with whom he had twins in 2002 – a son, Luke, and a daughter, Mya Lynn.

The WWE couple then married in 2006 and had their first son, Turk, in 2009. The following year, they had their second child, Duke. Sable also has a daughter, Maria Richardson, from a previous marriage.

Maia Lynn Lesnar is as talented as her brother and father and has excelled in several sports as well. She is a Minnesota state champion who competes in volleyball, track and field, and excels in the shotput. Maia Lin is also considered the sixth best shot putter in the country. The 20-year-old made headlines after he committed to the Arizona State Sun Devils track and field team.

A pro wrestling career, maybe even one in WWE, looks like a possibility, but it doesn’t seem to be his focus right now. Like Brock, Maia Lynn Lesnar is also talented and has excelled in various sports and there is no doubt that she will excel in combat sports as well.

If he finds a place in the Stamford-based promotion, it could be because his family has played a part. But it’s also hard to deny that his natural talent at sports may have gotten him there.

Maya Lynn Looks Like Lesnar’s Twin Brother, Plans To Follow Brock Lesnar’s Path In WWE
While there are still some questions about The Beast Incarnate’s daughter in WWE, the same cannot be said about her twin.

Luke Lesnar, like his sister, is a three-time Minnesota state champion and excels in ice hockey. He has, in the past, shared a now-deleted photo of him training at the promotion’s Performance Center, hinting at his WWE aspirations.

Still, there have been no further reports or updates regarding Luke’s status with WWE or pro wrestling in general. It is also possible that he is currently focusing on other sports or projects.

We are getting a chance to see Brock Lesnar’s kids in WWE, which could happen in the future. Even if they decide not to follow in their father’s footsteps, it is clear that they too will do well in their chosen sport.

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