John Cena’s 9-word response to rumors of other WWE stars being buried (EXCLUSIVE)

John Cena has a list of superstars he has been accused of “burying”. The former WWE franchise player has been repeatedly criticized over the years as fans feel that he should have lost the match. His real-life friend and former WWE star EC3 revealed Cena’s reaction to the rumours.

Perhaps the most infamous example of Cena playing “politics” was during SummerSlam 2010, when his team was booked to lose against the Nexus faction led by Wade Barrett. However, it is believed that Cena personally made the call to change the result – a decision that is still considered a bad one 12 years later.

Speaking to Dr. Chris Featherstone and Vince Russo on The Wrestling Outlaws, EC3 revealed how he reacted to the rumors of John Cena burying his talent and defended him in the process:

“I can tell you because he [John Cena] himself used to hear these speculations and rumors and he used to say ‘I did what I was told to do. Push. The Alex Riley thing was a really interesting scenario. I I also think about Wade [Barrett], Ryback, Rusev – these guys had big moments in big matches. And you don’t need big wins to advance. [4:07 – 4:49]
You can watch the full video below:

A WWE veteran believed that John Cena defeating the Nexus “hurt him” it helped him

As mentioned, the general consensus regarding the status of SummerSlam 2010 is that Cena potentially prevented Wade Barrett from becoming WWE’s next breakout star.

WWE legend Arn Anderson reflected on the match during his podcast, saying that John Cena’s decision ultimately hurt him more than helped:

“I think it hurt John more than it helped him. Even if you snatched John one, quickly one, two, three seconds and you still have people from Nexus 3 who will go ahead and crush him (h/t Wrestling News)
12 Years Later, Do You Believe John Cena Made the Right Call? Or did he just do what he was told at SummerSlam 2010? Express your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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