WWE Superstar’s girlfriend reacts to a bald Roman Reigns in an edited photo

A recently photoshopped picture of Roman Reigns has caught the attention of WWE ring announcer Samantha Irwin.

Roman Rance is currently the biggest name in the entire company. The Tribal Chief holds both the WWE and Universal title belts and has defeated everyone who has come his way over the past two years.

Reigns has a strong online following on popular handles like Twitter and Instagram. A photoshopped picture of The Tribal Chief is recently going viral on social media in which the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion is bald. The photo got many funny reactions from the WWE Universe.

WWE announcer and Ricochet’s girlfriend Samantha Irwin also saw the picture and sent an amusing reaction to the edited picture. In his response, Irvine indicated that a bald Reigns had some resemblance to Ricochet.

Most fans agree with Samantha’s tweet about Roman Reigns’ edited photo
Samantha Irwin’s tweet received several reactions from the WWE Universe, with many agreeing that Ricochet resembles a bald Roman Reigns.

Interestingly, despite being on the main roster for years, Reigns and Ricochet have never faced each other in a singles match. In Survivor Series 2019, both the WWE Superstars competed against each other.

In the 5-on-5 Men’s Survivor Series triple threat elimination match, Reigns captained Team SmackDown while Ricochet was part of Seth Rollins’ Team Raw. In the end, Reigns was the sole survivor of Team SmackDown.

Ricochet has been dating Samantha Irwin for a while now. In November 2021, Ricochet shared a picture with Irwin on his Instagram handle. Irwin confirmed their relationship by stating the following in the comments section: “I love you.”

It will be interesting to see what Roman Reigns himself thinks about the photoshopped picture that is going viral on wrestling Twitter recently. It’s safe to assume that Rance won’t be happy with the editing one bit.

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