Former WWE Champion reveals how Vince McMahon made him miss six WrestleManias in a row (EXCLUSIVE)

Vince McMahon once made Sgt. Slaughter missed the title after six consecutive WrestleManias. The former WWE Champion recently revealed that it was due to external factors.

Just for context, Slaughter reportedly had a feud with WWE in the mid-1980s because they wanted him to appear on Hasbro’s G.I. Experiments will not allow this to happen. Joe Line. This eventually became a source of resentment for him as he missed WrestleManias for several years in a row.

“I got a call from Vince McMahon, I saw WrestleMania 6 – [Hulk] Hogan and [The Ultimate] Warrior. And I stopped watching WWE at that point because I was so angry they couldn’t work with Hasbro. And I could have been at WrestleMania 2, 3, etc. I had to miss the first 6 WrestleManias, making me anti-WWE.(3:33-4:05)

Vince McMahon surprised Sgt. Slaughter on coming to him for the WrestleMania main event
WrestleMania 6 was a turning point for Vince McMahon and Sgt. strike. While The Ultimate Warrior was groomed as a successor to Hulk Hogan, he never really achieved the same success and power.

Slaughter wrote a letter to Vince McMahon praising the production of WrestleMania 6, and McMahon thanked him for the kind words. He would offer him a position back in WWE, but Slaughter was unfazed as he assumed he would be the babyface against Hulk Hogan:

“When I went over to Vince [McMahon’s] house and he had the exact opposite idea. He said ‘I want you and Hulk Hogan to main event WrestleMania 7 and sell out the Coliseum in LA.’ I said ‘great’ and he asked ‘are you on board?’ And I said I was. So I asked ‘How are we turning Hulk into a villain?’ And he said ‘Hulk? Hulk you not!'” (6:40–7:06)

Sgt. A few months after dethroning The Ultimate Warrior, Slaughter appeared in the main event of WrestleMania. The controversial storyline resulted in Hulk Hogan becoming an American hero and re-emerging as WWE Champion, ending Slaughter.

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