50-year-old WWE legend all set to return after nine years in Triple H era (EXCLUSIVE)

In addition to former WWE in-ring competitors, Triple H may also bring back former employees who took on different on-screen roles. One such name that is set to make a comeback after many years is legendary referee Jack Doan.

The 50-year-old joined WWE in 1991 and initially performed many behind-the-scenes duties. Dunn went on to become one of the most experienced professional wrestling referees in the industry with a tenure of over two decades. He was finally released in March 2013.

During a recent appearance on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Unscripted Show, Doan told Dr. Chris Featherstone that he would discuss the possibility of a WWE return with his wife:

“I would love to come back. It was something I’d obviously discuss with my wife. We just got married in July. She’s never been in the wrestling business and has to travel, stay away And that’s all to do. Have heard of Pada. Of course, they don’t travel as much as before, which is a good thing—certainly some marriages will survive. But, if we talk about it, I [return] would love it. She’s standing here and staring at me [laughs] ]. If there was something where we both agreed, ‘That’s cool,’ I would love it.” [28:32 – 29:11]

Dunn also said that he misses performing as a referee every week in front of “supportive” WWE fans, in addition to the locker room atmosphere.

Jack Doan clarified during an interview that the person responsible for his departure from WWE no longer works for the company. While the legendary referee didn’t provide any concrete details behind his release, he called the situation “disappointing”:

“I just got the backstory of why I was actually cut from my contract, and it’s kind of depressing.” Dunn continued, “Let’s just say that the gentleman who did this is no more.” [30:25 – 30:37]
The 50-year-old said he is also open to a possible return:

“I can probably lose about 30 pounds before I can even think about going back out there,” Dunn said. “But yeah, if they call tomorrow, I’d love to [return].” [30:11 – 30:21]
Jack Donn also spoke about working with stars such as The Rock, Kurt Angle and The Undertaker. You can read more about it here.

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