“F*** Around, Find Out More” – The WWE Universe Reacts To Bray Wyatt Twice Slapping On SmackDown

WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt got slapped on SmackDown this week and the internet is having a field day with this segment.

Last Friday night, Wyatt hijacked a backstage segment in which L.A. Knight was being interviewed. Wyatt extended a friendly hand, but Knight responded with an insult.

This enraged Wyatt, causing him to headbutt Knight to make his point. This week on SmackDown, there was a face-off between the two superstars once again. Wyatt tried to apologize for what happened, but Knight had other plans.

He criticized the former world champion, claiming that things are the same between them now. As the situation appeared to worsen, Knight slapped Wyatt again before running up the ramp.

A clearly disheartened Wyatt sat down next to the ropes, seemingly battling his demons. The segment entertained WWE fans and they are looking forward to the end of this rivalry.

From subtle warnings to L.A. Night to Wyatt’s post-slap reaction, WWE fans had a lot to say. Here are some of the best responses

Bray Wyatt wants to apologize to La Knight. La Knight slapped him twice across the face. Bray said that the decision he will make here tonight will change his life forever.

that was great. The on screen chemistry between them is superb. I want more…#SmackDown

That shot of Bray Wyatt’s mask behind LA Knight as he leaves is truly cinematic.

Bray Wyatt is eliminated after hitting L.A. Knight twice:

Of course, it’s not every day that Bray Wyatt gets slapped on live television. This is one of the best highlights from this week’s SmackDown, drawing an array of emotions on Twitter.

Bray Wyatt returns to WWE SmackDown
After the segment, L.A. Knight was pleased with himself and was expected to leave the arena after making a statement. However, Wyatt had other plans. A brief backstage segment shows Knight buried under a pile of props including chairs, desks and a ladder.

Officers rushed to Knight’s aid once he was found lying face down on the floor. While we haven’t seen the culprit, we can make an educated guess and blame Brey for the same.

Interestingly, Wyatt was later seen arguing with ‘somebody’ during a backstage conversation between Karen Cross and The Usos. Thus, we might be getting closer to seeing Bray’s alter-ego.

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