Are Roman Reigns and Jon Moxley still friends?

Roman Reigns and Jon Moxley are two of the best and most popular stars in the wrestling industry today. They are reigning champions in WWE and AEW, respectively, and have been doing a stellar job as the face of their promotions.

Every wrestling fan knows about the time Reigns and Moxley spent together in WWE. Teaming up with Seth Rollins, the two men mistreated everyone as part of The Shield. In fact, they dominated WWE during their time, and it was the end of an era when former Dean Ambrose left the company to join AEW in 2019.

Naturally, The Big Dog and The Lunatic Fringe were in the thick of thieves as their allies and teammates. Now that they’re no longer in the same company, it seems like the dynamic of their relationship has changed a bit.

In the SI Media Podcast, Roman Reigns talks about his friendship with Jon Moxley. He said that they were still very much in touch, but not as much as during their WWE days.

“Mox was really, I mean, he’ll actually even tell you, me and him were very tight. Within the Shield and maybe even a little bit closer. Maybe they super bonded through wrestling and he did it in FCW And what did you do before WWE. But when it comes to whether we were wrestlers or not, me and Mox, we’re friends, you know what I mean? Like we’re the kind that can just hang out And drink beer. Well, I guess not anymore. [H/T Stillrealtous] Roman Reigns’ thoughts on Jon Moxley leaving WWE

Jon Moxley left WWE in 2019 to join AEW. It broke the hearts of fans who couldn’t have enough of The Shield in WWE. Roman Reigns was among those who were not happy about his departure, he said when he left.

“Well I think Ambrose or Moxley really messed it up, didn’t they? Went to AEW. It’s just, we were so good. Honestly, I think we got past the reunion thing… It did a little more than it did three years ago or whatever.
Like Roman Reigns, we think The Shield has a lot of stories left to tell. We hope that one day, the Hounds of Justice will reunite for one last run.

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