Sasha Banks sent a one word message to John Cena on Twitter

Sasha Banks recently replied to an inspirational message from John Cena on her Twitter handle.

John Cena has inspired millions of fans around the world during his run as the top star in WWE. He no longer works regularly on WWE TV but is doing incredibly well as an actor in Hollywood and is one of the most recognizable faces in the world today.

The sensational leader has around 14 million followers on his Twitter account. The WWE legend regularly shares inspirational messages with his followers.

Cena’s recent inspirational tweet said: “In every setback there is growth.” The tweet received an overwhelming response from his fans, as it usually does.

Former Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks also picked up on the message and responded with a one-word tweet. Watch the exchange below:

How did fans react to Sasha Banks’ response to John Cena’s tweet?
Sasha Banks has one of the most dedicated fan followings in the pro wrestling business. Ever since he made his exit from WWE RAW, his ardent fans have been waiting patiently to see him back in the square circle.

@MercedesVarnado when are you and @Naomi coming back to WWE? We need you guys especially @RondaRousey and Damage to take the title away from CTL

Cena has also inspired many fellow wrestlers including The Boss. Last year, he made his huge WWE return at SummerSlam 2021 to face Roman Reigns for the Universal Title.

Around the same time, Banks’ Brandon F. Wrestling With Walker and he had a lot of praise for the legend:

“Well, it’s great to feel that someone like John Cena is back … at the house shows I see him and you look around and you see the fans. The little one who plays John The boy never sees Cena because he’s gone.” For the last five, six years. But they still know who he is and they’re still very impressed with his work and what he does,” Sasha said. [h/t Wrestling Inc]
There is still no concrete news regarding Banks’ status with WWE or whether or not she will make a return in the near future. Banks fans would love nothing more than to see her make a huge comeback and win the Women’s Title again.

What do you think of Banks’ reaction to Cena’s motivational tweet? Do you miss him on WWE TV? Sound off in the comments below.

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