Dwayne Johnson Running For President In 2024?

Speculation about Dwayne Johnson running for the US presidency in 2024 has been rife since last year. The Black Adam star had the support of people and cash for the campaign. However, he has denied the rumors in recent news.

Dwayne Johnson has shown interest in politics in 2021 and even hired people to do research and analysis for the elections. The highest paid actor wanted to unite the country under his banner, wanted to play an active role in the betterment of the United States of America.

However, Dwayne Johnson’s number 1 priority right now is his family. Because of that, he is not planning to challenge Joe Biden’s seat in the 2024 election. He clarified his stance in an interview with Tracy Smith on CBS Sunday Morning. His focus and priority is in being a good father to his children.

“Yeah. It’s off the table. I would say that because it needs a B-side. I love my country and everyone in it. I love being a daddy too. And that’s the most important thing to me. Daddy Number one, especially during this time, it’s an important time in my daughters’ lives,” Johnson said.
Dwayne is the father of three daughters Tia (4), Jasmine (6) and Simone (21). He did not get much time with the latter as he was always on the road due to his work commitments. However, Brahma Bull does not want to make the same mistake again.

“I know what it was like to be on the road and so busy that I was absent for many years in my first daughter… growing up at this important age at this important time in my life, and that will carry over to the presidency” So my first priority is my daughters.”

Actor and international star Dwayne @TheRock Johnson has been seriously talked about as a possible presidential candidate – and it’s something he hasn’t completely ruled out until now. Johnson explains

Although The Rock hasn’t achieved his presidential ambitions in real life, he is living them out on screen. The sitcom Young Rock is based on his life and depicts Johnson running for president in 2032. Is this the spoiler for the next decade? Only time will tell.

Dwayne Johnson’s eldest daughter Simone recently debuted in NXT as Ava Raine

With the constant support of his father, Simone Johnson has achieved success in the world of professional wrestling. She joined WWE in February 2020 as Ava Raine, but made her live television debut on the October 25, 2022 edition of NXT.

Now a member of The Schism, Ava Raine is the first fourth generation female WWE Superstar in the Stamford-based company. They haven’t had a major feud yet, but that hasn’t stopped hopes of a possible inclusion in The Bloodline or a future team-up with Dwayne Johnson.

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