“Let the haters hate” – Nikita Lyons takes a dig at her former tag team partner and inspires her fans

Nikita Lions took a dig at her former tag team partner Joey Stark in her latest tweet. Not only that, but the NXT star also inspired his fans and mocked his former friend for his betrayal.

During the November 8, 2022 episode of WWE NXT, Stark backstabbed the Lions after they failed to win the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship from Kayden Carter and Katana Chance.

On tonight’s edition of NXT, Stark revealed that his former tag team partner was holding him back. While Zoey claims to be the top attraction of the promotion, Lyons doesn’t believe her.

The NXT Lioness had some inspirational advice for her fans on Twitter. You can see his message below:

“Let them judge you, misunderstand you, and gossip. What they think of you is not your problem. Be kind, commit to love, and be free to be your authenticity. No matter what No matter what they do or say, never doubt your worth. You know what’s cool. Keep shining, and let the haters hate.
Let them judge you, misunderstand you and gossip. What they think of you is not your problem. be kind

committed to love, and free in your
Authenticity. no matter what they are
Do or say, never doubt your ability. you know what’s cool. continue

Shawn Michaels hints at Nikita Lions’ main roster debut
WWE legend Shawn Michaels recently joined Corey Graves on the After The Bell podcast and hinted that Nikita Lions and Braun Breaker could be making their way to the main roster very soon.

The 23-year-old has roared his way to the top of the NXT division within months of joining. His performance has impressed HBK and WWE’s creative head, Triple H.

“Absolutely. And then, of course [that opportunity] is. It will continue. Look, I text Hunter every day anyway. So, we talk regularly anyway; I might as well join, I Like, ‘How about some of the NXT dudes [showing up on the main roster]? What do you think about some of your boys [coming here]?’ […] It’s something we’ve always talked about,” Shawn Michaels said. [h/t – Wrestling Inc.]

It will be exciting to see if the two rising NXT stars make it to the main roster anytime soon.

Do you think Nikita Lyons will get back at Zoey Stark for her betrayal? Sound off in the comments section below.

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