Austin Theory brutally attacks the 42-year-old legend after undergoing a character change on Raw

The Austin Theory is no longer Mr. Money in the Bank, but it seems a lot has changed in a week. While he clearly told Kathy Kelly that he didn’t like being referred to as the former Mr. MITB, he signaled a significant character change. WWE legend Dolph Ziggler came forward to confront him, leading to a brutal attack from the latter.

When asked about the failed cash-in, Austin Theory explained why he chose not to go after Roman Reigns and the undisputed Universal Championship – the reason Brock Lesnar failed at SummerSlam was due to Tyson Fury’s appearance at Clash in the Castle. Failing to keep and accept this bloodline, he would have failed regardless.

He stated that the next best option was to go after Seth Rollins and the United States Title, after which he blamed Bobby Lashley for costing him. Interestingly, they agreed to eliminate the excuses and turn a lead character into something more serious.

He faced 42-year-old veteran Ziggler, whom he challenged to a match on Raw.

It was also notable that Austin Theory entered the match without his phone and did not take a selfie. It seems that part of his character is gone, and the match with Dolph Ziggler was great.

It was a brilliantly told story that did not have a proper ending, as Theory eliminated Ziggler but attacked the veteran. He repeatedly slammed Show-Off’s head on the announce table, getting himself disqualified. After the bell rang, Theory continued to attack the veteran from the timekeeper’s area. The segment ended as officers rushed to separate the two men.

It was a brutal attack that marked the transition of the Austin Theory to a more serious character.

Do you think we will see a new incarnation of the former Mr. Money in the Bank? Sound off in the comments below.

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