WWE Raw Best & Worst: Much-Criticized Superstar Makes Major Improvements, 4-Time Champion No Plans Until 2023? (November 14, 2022)

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Best and Worst of Raw. This was the final episode of Survivor Series WarGames, and things are shaping up interestingly.

One thing is certain – this is likely to be the most entertaining edition of Survivor Series since 2016’s pay-per-view. It certainly helped that the concept of a brand war was abandoned, as it was becoming overdue.

But when we talk about Survivor Series, what is the lesson to be learned from this episode? Keep reading to find out:

#3. Best: The Sudden Reform of Dominic Mysterio

Dominic Mysterio is as annoying as you might expect in a heel. Although it took her time to find her footing, attending Judgment Day was the best thing she had ever done.

He had a confrontation with Shelton Benjamin earlier in the show, which he instigated. He was definitely bothering, and it shows how much he has improved. He defeated Benjamin, which was also the right decision.

Dominic Mysterio has received a lot of criticism for his character work, but he is finally making progress.

#2. Worst: Matt Riddle collapses on Raw after Extreme Rules

Despite defeating Seth Rollins, Matt Riddle has suffered a major downgrade since Extreme Rules 2022. Elias’ alliance has come to nothing and his fight against Alpha Academy has been detrimental to him.

This week, Chad Gable defeated Riddle in a massive upset. Getting Gable to win wasn’t a bad decision, but it did highlight how tough a month the four-time WWE Champion has been.

#2. Best: A Great Main Event on Raw

Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor was a great main event on Raw. The interference of The O.C. and a ringside dispute with Judgment Day saw Rollins retain the United States Championship.

It was a great match and Theory’s appearance at the end made the end of the episode even better. It was the perfect main event with the ending and ending of the show.

#1. Worst: Mustafa Ali not getting the desired response

Nothing is working with Mustafa Ali. Despite the huge crowd in Louisville, Kentucky, he was not getting the desired response. Nobody hurt to see Bobby Lashley destroyed and it looks like he’s been dropped from the US title picture.

Hopefully, it wasn’t buried, but it showed where Ali stands now, and it’s something that Triple H seriously needs to reevaluate.

#1. Best: All About the Theory on Raw

WWE brought the best version of The Austin Theory on last night’s Raw. This was not only the best theory since Triple H took over, but also since his formal main roster debut. This exposed him positively, with Austin undergoing a major character change.

He took the responsibility, the excuses went and the phone and the selfie were all gone. We got a serious version of the Austin Theory that took on Dolph Ziggler.

He beat Ziggler, but it wasn’t enough. He introduced her brutally to indicate a complete character change to a more vicious heel, and her intention to gain the US title to end the episode was a great touch.

The Money in the Bank briefcase worked against Theory, and tonight was a perfect example of how it was an anchor for that.

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