Four-time World Champion Shares Conspiracy Theory Behind SmackDown Mike Bottle; Roman attributed to Reigns

WWE star Sheamus was furious with the backstage crew after breaking the mic on SmackDown this week and felt that Roman Reigns was to blame.

Sheamus returned to SmackDown this week after a vicious attack from The Bloodline a few weeks back. The Celtic Warrior had some harsh words for Reigns and the rest of his family, but his mic went off. The Brawling Brutes made the best use of the situation and attacked their rivals. In the ensuing chaos, Drew McIntyre joined the fray and provided an equalizer for the Brutes.

Megan Morant caught up with The Brawling Brutes on this week’s episode of SmackDown Lowdown. Celtic Warrior mentioned that WWE should fire the person who was responsible for running the microphone during the show. He suggested that it could be one of Roman Reigns’ teammates playing the game from behind.

“He should have fired the guys in charge of the microphone [because] that bloodshed was wrong, probably done by Roman’s accomplices in the back. Either way, the message is clear, that blood is the beginning of the end of the line.” is near, and the fighting beasts prepare for battle.” [1:58 – 2:16]
You can watch the full interview here:

Roman Reigns congratulates The Usos after defeating The New Day
This week on SmackDown, the Undisputed Tag Team Championship match took place between The Usos and The New Day.

The defending champions kept their wits about him and joined 1D with Kofi Kingston, ensuring they retained the titles and became the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE history.

After the match, Roman Reigns met his cousins ​​and praised their efforts. He also took to Twitter to declare The Usos as the greatest tag team in the company.

This week’s events look like The Bloodline will face The Brawling Brutes and Drew McIntyre at Survivor Series. In a wargames match, both sides could potentially lock horns.

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