Lana sends message to Bloodline member and another WWE star

Former WWE Superstar Lana, also known as CJ Perry, sent a heartfelt message to Bloodline member Jimmy Uso and his wife Naomi.

Lana was a part of the Stamford-based promotion for almost eight years. While he spent most of his career as a manager for Rusev (aka Miro), he also fought a few matches at a later stage of his career. Lana was released from her contract in June 2021.

Twitter user @estglowwbanks recently posted a fan edit highlighting the love and relationship between Jimmy Uso and Naomi that caught the attention of the former WWE star. Replying to the video, Lana expressed her love for the power couple.

Wow this made me very emotional! i love you both so much
While Jimmy is an active member of the WWE roster, Naomi has yet to return to the company. During a taping of Raw in May, The Glow and Sasha Banks walked out, forcing them to be suspended and stripped of the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Although recent reports indicate that the two may soon make a comeback in the company, there is no definite update regarding their future.

Jimmy Uso will be in action on WWE SmackDown as Bloodline prepares to make history
The Bloodlines are one of the most prominent factions in pro wrestling today. Led by Roman Reigns, the villainous faction currently holds both the world title and the tag team title in the men’s category.

The Usos will have a chance to cement the group’s legacy on this week’s SmackDown as they take on Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston for the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship.

The New Day are the longest-reigning tag team champions in company history, and Jimmy and Jay will have a chance to overtake Kingston and Woods when they defeat them.

The two teams came face to face on Raw earlier this week, where things got a little personal. Xavier Woods said the Bloodline duo benefited from their family legacy, while New Day had to build itself from scratch. The Samoans retaliated quickly, noting that they had to bear the burden of their family’s inheritance, something the New Day did not.

The segment ended with a six-man tag team match between the two groups, with Riddle Woods and Kingston involved, while Solo Sequoia aligned with his brothers.

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