“It’s impossible to please someone who will never be happy” – Former WWE star fires shots at CM Punk for being bitter about his run with promotion (Exclusive)

EC3 recently shadowed former AEW World Champion CM Punk for being bitter about his first stint with WWE, which ended in 2014.

The Straight Edge Superstar is one of the biggest stars in the wrestling business, having had a fruitful stint with WWE between 2005 and 2014. However, things ended on a bitter note, with Punk not only leaving the company, but also going out of business. , After that for seven years.

In the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s The Wrestling Outlaws, EC3 stated that CM Punk can never be happy, no matter what. The former NXT star explained that one should not expect 100% creative freedom in a giant entity like WWE and be satisfied with how the hype treated him.

“It’s impossible to please someone who will never be happy. It’s probably a reflection on that. I was just going to say that if you’re in WWE, Vince, you know it well, you’ve got to be creative. Have to be. Be. To sacrifice a little bit of sight. To play ball. But if you can get 70% of it, then 80%, as you want, man, he’s playing house money. His He had the opportunity to do exactly what he wanted with “Pipebomb”, EC3 said.
In addition, EC3 cited CM Punk’s infamous “Pipebomb” promo from 2011, saying that very few artists are trusted to do something that blurs the line between reality and fiction. He said that a saint from another city should be satisfied with what he has received during his time in preaching.

“Like, very few people will be given a chance to say what they want, it looks like it was a shoot, but it’s a job. Like, how many people drove that carte blanche crazy, at least Really at least get a chance to tell the world what they think or what’s really going on? It’s a famous promo for that reason. You’ve won a lot, there’s some satisfaction in those wins.” (7:20 – 8:28)
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Dutch Mantle doesn’t think WWE will sign CM Punk
With speculation about his move to AEW, fans have wondered whether this could pave the way for Punk’s return to WWE. Although many are excited to see it in action, Dutch Mantle doesn’t think the company will bring back CM Punk.

The wrestling legend said that considering how things turned out at AEW, the global giant would be wary of hiring The Straight Edge Superstar.

“No no, but hell no (…) Why would they bring in a guy who had all this trouble at AEW. Plus it would give AEW all this extra promotion, they’d throw that extra promotion and focus on AEW At least I’m sure there are some people out there who have never heard of AEW.”

Fans must be watching when CM Punk skips Tony Khan promotions and many people speculate about his future.

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