“I Think Triple H Could Definitely Hire You” – Released WWE Superstar Urges Game To Sign “Twinky Trev”

Former Superstar Lana (aka CJ Perry) recently urged WWE CCO Triple H to sign Trevor Everts to NXT.

Everts is a culinary associate producer for Good Mythical Morning on Mythical Kitchen. He also has his own podcast, Trevor Talks Too Much. Meanwhile, the 23-year-old has made a mark as a gamer on Instagram.

While hosting Lana on his podcast, Everts recently expressed his desire to compete in WWE, jokingly naming himself “Twinky Trev”. Meanwhile, Lana tells him that he can become a professional wrestler because he is 6″4″ and he is only 23.

“I’ll go. I swear to god I’ll go. I’ll walk into Rhett and Link’s office right now, it’s right outside that door, if Vince McMahon calls me on the phone and he wants to ring me, I’ll I will. I will, don’t tempt me,” Everts said. (38:48 – 39:04)
Lana responded to Everts, jokingly urging Triple H to sign the youth host to NXT.

“I think Triple H can definitely hire you for NXT right now. Yeah, I mean, look, you have a show (…) You’re obviously charismatic. [You’re good on the mic] are] are] [no] yes, I doubt not,” she explained. (39:09 – 39:25)

Lana recently revealed how John Cena was backstage. See his comments here.

Lana reveals what Vince McMahon thought about making Roman Reigns a heel in WWE
In her interview with Trevor Talks Too Much, Lana talks about a variety of other topics, including fans’ reaction to Vince McMahon being Roman Reigns’ babyface.

The Reviving One revealed that the former WWE CEO was initially against making The Tribal Chief a heel.

“When he [Roman Reigns] came back from taking a break during the pandemic, he was fully committed to being healed and Vince finally allowed because the whole place had been bothering him for so long and he couldn’t.” He was a good boy. [Copy of Vince McMahon]. So, it was really cool to just lean into it. But then, you know, he’s a big a** plus, he’s been a champion for two and a half years and so people will start cheering for you, He said. (17:25 – 17:49)

Roman Reigns recently reacted to a statement by Logan Paul. See his comments here.

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