John Cena or Brock Lesnar: Who is stronger in real life?

John Cena and Brock Lesnar are two WWE Superstars with impressive physiques. Despite his large size, Cena leans more towards a heroic appearance, while Cena appears more fearful. The two stars have faced each other in the ring several times and have displayed their impressive strength. Nevertheless, one of them may have more advantages than the other.

Prior to his wrestling career, John had some experience in other sports as well. During his time at Springfield College, he was the center and captain of their football team. After college, he pursued a bodybuilding career and also worked in a gym.

Lesnar has an extensive background in the game. He tried his hand not only in football, but also in amateur wrestling and even MMA, and even fought in the UFC. Throughout his amateur career and UFC run, The Beast Incarnate made achievements therein.

While it seems like the clear winner here is The Beast Avatar, that’s not really the case in terms of strength. As mentioned earlier, Cena has a background in bodybuilding which involves lifting a lot of weights to build strength.

Meanwhile, Lesnar is focusing on training his skills, which will not make him stronger but will certainly make him a better fighter.

In the past, Cena has lifted both Big Show and Edge at the same time, who have a combined weight of around 700 pounds. Nevertheless, Lesnar is also said to bench press at around 655 pounds. Meanwhile, Cena has reportedly deadlifted around 600 pounds.

John Cena may have an advantage over Brock Lesnar in terms of strength, but that doesn’t mean The Beast can be easily defeated. If the question is in the context of real-life fighting and measurement of skill, the answers may vary, especially with Lesnar’s intensity and MMA background.

The former WWE Superstar weighs in on who is stronger, Brock Lesnar or John Cena?
The Beast Avatar and 16-time world champion has wrestled Paul White (fka Big Show) in the past. On both occasions, they were able to lift the nearly 400-pound star with ease.

During the last interview, the show was asked which former champion he considers stronger. It didn’t take long for John Cena to react and reveal how cool and calm he was when picking people up. Nevertheless, the former star praised Brock Lesnar’s skills.

“John Cena. Hands down. But Brock is probably the most explosive athlete I’ve been in the ring with. Brock runs so fast it’s scary sometimes. But as far as people pick me up, John Cena Don’t like it. When Cena picks you up, it’s like you’re standing on concrete. I’ve never seen a man so strong and strong and when you’re on his shoulders, you have nowhere to go.”

At the end of the day, it’s clear that both Brock Lesnar and John Cena have shown insane strength in and out of the ring, which has impressed fellow pros as well.

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