“He’s Really That Character” – Released WWE Superstar John Cena Reveals What He Was Like Backstage

Former WWE Superstar Lana (aka CJ Perry) recently spoke about John Cena being backstage.

Lana spent nearly eight years at the Stamford-based company before being released from her contract in June 2021. During his time there, he shared the locker room with John Cena. The 37-year-old and her husband Miro (fka Rusev) had a fight with the Senate leader in 2015.

In an interview with Trevor Talks Too Much, Lana explained how Cena was backstage.

“He’s just amazing. I learned a lot from him when we were working with him in 2015, when we were big bad Russians. I learned a lot, a lot about timing, storytelling. And he really came back Like, he really gives back to young people and just the people he’s working with. He’s really that character. Like he’s so respected backstage,” she said. (26:54 – 27:20)
The Reviving One also revealed that Cena leads by example and is always looking forward to watching all the matches from backstage.

“He watches every match. Five minutes before the show starts, he [is] there, we have this viewing area backstage… John still, he doesn’t tell you, he won’t tell you, there you are. Will be there but he will lead by example and be there five minutes before the start and watch every single match. Even though it’s heating up, he won’t go, he won’t have his phone, and it’s like that Wow, respect, you know?” They said. (27:21 – 28:02)

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Bringing John Cena’s ability to control the WWE crowd
For many years, John Cena was the top figure in the Stamford-based company. Mike’s skill and the session leader’s charisma helped him reach that point.

Speaking on Trevor Talks Too Much, Lana revealed that the former WWE Champion was a brilliant storyteller. She also said that her ability to control the crowd never ceases to amaze her.

“John Cena is amazing. Like, I mean, people sometimes don’t like John for whatever reason, but when it comes to his charisma, he’s so talented at storytelling, it amazes me.” ” “And I’ve seen him go into the crowd where the whole place is exciting him, or at least 50/50, and then by the end of his promo he’s turned the whole crowd. Everyone cheers like we all jump are backstage for him.” (26:25 – 26:53)

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