How did Dwayne Johnson help John Cena land a role in a Hollywood movie?

Dwayne Johnson and John Cena are two WWE Superstars who are known in the world of wrestling and in Hollywood. The two superstars also took on roles as DC Comics and Fast & Furious characters. Although they had a rocky relationship, it is good to see that they have finally resolved their issues.

The Senation Leader and The People’s Champion may not have shared the screen in Hollywood, but they have shared the ring in the past and even main-evented two WrestleManias in a row.

Interestingly, John Cena’s previous comments about The Brahmo Bull’s move from wrestling to Hollywood also led to real-life tension between the two stars.

Years later, the two superstars seem to have settled their issue, and The Rock even gave his former rival a few words of wisdom about John auditioning for his first big film, Trainwreck.

In August 2022, John Cena shared that Dwayne Johnson helped him calm down through his simple advice, which is to always be yourself.

“He [Dwayne Johnson] is one of the reasons I have life outside WWE. He gave me some great advice. I remember auditioning for a small part in a movie called Trainwreck. It was very intense. The audition process was there, And I was so nervous. Because I’ve never been like this before… I could ask him, ‘Hey man, do you have any advice?’ He said, ‘He asked you a reason man, just be yourself.’ He, in that one sentence, allowed me to calm down. He allowed me to be myself.”

WWE Superstar shares that Dwayne Johnson and John Cena gave him acting advice
The former WWE Champions have proved that they are an inspiration to their fellow Superstars when it comes to their wrestling career and their potential journey into acting.

Becky Lynch has also shared in the past how the two WWE legends were helpful in giving advice on her acting career.

“[The Rock] has really been very helpful in guiding me… [John] Cena has also been very nice to me and has been very generous with his time and advice, which is what I’m doing right now. Look. I think everyone wants the next generation to take them where they were, you know?!”

Despite their initial differences outside the ring, it is fortunate that John Cena and Dwayne Johnson are now on good terms and have helped other Superstars as well. For now, it remains to be seen whether they will share the screen or ring in the future.

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