“An angry monster among men” – when Braun Strowman lost to the 170-pound, five-foot-six WWE Superstar

Braun Strowman has faced opponents of all different sizes over the course of his WWE career, from the seven foot three Nigerian giant Omos to the five foot six Luchador Kalisto. While The Monster of All Monsters scored an impressive victory over Omos at Crown Jewel 2022, Kalisto proved to be a difficult task to defeat.

On April 24, 2017, the Six-Foot-Eight star was expected to defeat a former member of the Lucha House Party in a dumpster match on Raw. As per the rules, the winner of the unique contest had to throw his opponent in the dustbin at ringside.

Strowman surprisingly dominated the opening round of the five-minute match. Then, out of nowhere, Kalisto upset an almighty when he landed a perfectly timed dropkick against his opponent’s knees. Strowman, groping on the ring apron, lost his balance and fell into the dumpster.

Raw chief announcer Michael Cole shouted, “Oh my god! Oh my god! Kalisto beat Strowman! Kalisto beat Strowman!” Moments later, co-commenter Corey Graves described Strowman as “an angry monster among men” while the embarrassed loser began to attack his victorious opponent.

The former Universal Champion trapped Kalisto inside the dustbin before taking him off the stage. At the end of the segment, the 170-pounder was pulled into an ambulance and taken to a local medical facility.

Why the size of Braun Strowman’s opponents is the subject of much discussion
The man behind Braun Strowman’s monstrous character, Adam Scher, isn’t afraid to speak his mind about the size of wrestlers. The 335-pound star was initially praised for his WWE Crown Jewel 2022 performance against Omos. However, his comment after the show jeopardized the anger of the fans on the internet.

Writing on Twitter, Strowman joked that he and Omos earned 47 five-star ratings for their match in Saudi Arabia. He also took a dig at high-flying wrestlers, claiming that “no one cares about all these floppy floppers.”

His tweet drew criticism and mockery from many in the wrestling industry, including Mustafa Ali, who referenced the 2021 firing of his co-worker:

Strowman later clarified that he had “insane respect” for his fellow wrestlers. He also claimed that he was simply trying to make the internet wrestling community work during his flight home from Saudi Arabia.

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