4 directions for Roman Reigns after WWE Crown Jewel

Roman Reigns Superman punches Logan Paul in the blockbuster main event of WWE Crown Jewel and won a major victory. It has now been almost 800 days since the tribal chief’s historic rule, and there are no more credible challenges left for him.

At the time of writing, the timeline for his next title defense is unclear. Survivor Series, the last of the traditional “Big Four” premium live events of 2022, is three weeks away, and it would make sense to exclude its top star from the upcoming show. WWE’s annual Thanksgiving tradition may be the last major event of the year as day one has been canceled, and no replacements have been announced yet.

The regime needs a new direction since its victory over Logan Paul. Here are four possible directions for Roman Reigns after Crown Jewel.

Roman Reigns may have made a deal with Logan Paul at Crown Jewel. Maverick suffered a legitimate injury that ruled out the possibility of a rematch. However, Logan’s brother, Jake Paul, could step in to avenge his loss and upset the tribal chief at large.

The MMA fighter recently won over Anderson Silva and soon made a name for himself in combat sports. Paul’s older brother feels that Jake’s move to WWE is inevitable. The very presence of the Crown Jewel fulfills those aspirations.

The story also writes itself. Logan Paul also has a “blood line” that will stand in for him. If it weren’t for the timely entry of Solo Sekova and the distraction of The Usos, The Maverick would have stunned the world. Jake Paul probably wants to teach Reigns and his friends a lesson in respect.

If WWE manages to sign a deal with the MMA fighter, then there is a strong possibility of Roman Reigns vs Jake Paul. The next few months are an ideal time for the two men to capitalize on the warmth and energy around them.

#3 Drew McIntyre challenges Roman Reigns to a rematch of WWE Clash at Castletime so that WWE can revisit the rivalry.
Time for WWE to revisit this rivalry
Back in September, Drew McIntyre bravely faced Roman Reigns in the main event of the Clash at the Castle. Following Solo Sikowa’s main roster debut, the Scottish Warriors lost the dramatic classic, the worrying Cardiff. After the Cardiff show, McIntyre turned his attention to Carrion Cross, a thorn in his path for some time.

The Scottish Warriors defeated Cross in a steel cage match at Crown Jewel, perhaps marking the end of their three-month rivalry. The former NXT Champion was a major obstacle in his path to becoming the undisputed WWE Universal Champion. With him and Scarlett Bordeaux, McIntyre can turn his attention to Reigns.

The two-time world champion had promised Cardiff that he would be the undisputed world champion, and he may be ready to fulfill it against the tribal chief much sooner than we expected. Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre has many angles to explore, and with the chemistry they share, Triple H should revisit the rivalry.

The Bloodline, minus Roman Reigns dismissed Sheamus a few weeks ago. This television writing was done for his marriage to The Celtic Warrior. Butch and Ridge Holland set out to avenge their mentor, but The Usos won their tag team match at Crown Jewel.

The Irishman may be nearing his return and wants some comeback after The Bloodline’s heinous attack. Whenever the tribe is in danger, the chief has to step in. The sorcerer’s return may prompt the tribal chief to put himself in the picture and take care of things.

The Bloodline, not counting Sami Zayn, has four members, and ranks three in The Brawling Brutes. Enter Drew McIntyre, a man who has a lot of history with the regime and its allies. The Scottish warrior is also a close ally of the Celtic warrior.

With McIntyre, Crawling Beasts could close out The Bloodline in Survivor Series’ wargames. This either team is winning the match, but one thing is for sure. It would be a “banger”.

#1 Team Wyatt vs. The Bloodline

Not long ago, Zero News reported that WWE was planning a big match inside WarGames. Team Wyatt was rumored to be facing The Bloodline, but the source also noted that these plans were unlikely. Although the chances of encounter are very low, the creative team should give it another thought.

Bray Wyatt would not have returned alone. The segment, which aired on SmackDown last month, pointed to other older characters associated with Wyatt. The mysterious “Uncle Howdy” is another figure to keep in mind. So there is no shortage of former Universal Champion allies.

Bo Dallas and Erik Rowan are obvious candidates to help him. Braun Strowman, the former brother of the Wyatt family, may re-align himself with his former mentor. Also, Wyatt and Reigns are two of WWE’s biggest draws, and pitting them against each other would set the wrestling world on fire.

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