“If I Had to Go Back” – 37-year-old star on condition that he return to WWE under Triple H rule (exclusive)

Matt Cardona recently made a bet that he would be ready to rejoin WWE under Triple H’s reign.

Cardona, formerly known as Zack Ryder, was delisted from the global juggernaut in April 2020 after spending nearly 15 years at the company. However, this did not drag him down, as Matt Cardona was quick to get back on his feet and became a highly sought-after name on the indie circuit.

That said, with many former talents returning to the hype, many fans have asked to see Cardona back in the fold. Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling, Matt Cardona was the first to praise how “exciting” and “refreshing” WWE has become since Triple H took over the leadership of the promotion.

“It’s definitely exciting, right? It seems like every week, or maybe not every week, but it seems like someone is coming back or debuting or debuting again. It It’s refreshing, it’s exciting, it’s a must see TV, and I think that’s what wrestling should be,” said Matt Cardona.
He stated that his former Zack Ryder moniker was dead and that if the global juggler wanted him back, he would only return as Matt Cardona. However, the former Intercontinental Champion said that he is grateful to WWE and that he would be nothing if the company didn’t give him a chance.

“And yes, I said Zack Ryder is dead because unless you said never, right? For that race; it prepared me for this race. Without Zack Ryder in WWE, I would just Not talking to you Matt Cardona. As Matt Cardona said, it prepared me for everything. (3:41 – 4:20)

Matt Cardona’s wife Chelsea Green has sparked interest in WWE
Although there is no sign of Cardona joining the promotion anytime soon, his wife, Chelsea Green, has gained public attention within the company. A few days back, a report surfaced that revealed how Green was one of the big names that global jugglers were keenly interested in bringing back.

In addition, Chelsea Green, whose first stint with WWE ended last year, paved the way for her return with Impact Wrestling. Although this is only a rumor right now, it has prompted fans to discuss the possibility.

Do you see Matt Cardona soon returning to the world stage under Triple H’s reign? Sound off in the comments section below.

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