[WATCH] Roman Reigns checks in on Logan Paul during his match at WWE Crown Jewel

The match between Logan Paul and Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel has been going on for centuries. While the social media megastar was praised for her performance, Rains also nailed her role to perfection.

Despite only wrestling in his third match, Logan Paul took The Tribal Chief to his limits. The YouTube star hit Roman with a frog splash from the top rope through the announcer table during one of the match’s most notable moments. Most of all, Paul did it all while holding a phone and filming the action.

As can be seen in the clip below, Reigns quickly tests his opponent after a death-defying spot. The tribal chief squeezes Logan’s arm, which is a code in the wrestling world, to test whether the opponent is okay.

Logan also uploaded the point-of-view footage of his Frog Splash to his social media handle. You can also view it by clicking here.

Roman Reigns sends a message to Logan Paul after WWE Crown Jewel win
Tribal Chief continued their winning streak at Crown Jewel by defeating Logan Paul after a spectacular match. The match was filled with several interferences as Jake Paul, The Usos and Solo Sequoia clashed at ringside.

The Usos also dragged the co-host of The Maverick’s Impulsive podcast and superkicked him.

In the end, the numbers advantage worked well for Roman Reigns, who delivered a Superman Punch and Spear to seal the victory. The tribal chief took to Twitter after his victory to address Logan’s “one lucky punch” claims.

It is difficult to predict what will happen next for Roman Reigns after his victory at WWE Crown Jewel. With Survivor Series, the undisputed world champion could lead The Bloodline in an upcoming WarGames match at the event.

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