WWE Crown Jewel – 4 things we learned

The WWE Universe is still in discussion about Crown Jewel. Riyadh saw an incredible evening of great storytelling and good in-ring action.

Roman Reigns continued his historic reign as he defeated crowd-favorite Logan Paul in the main event. The women made history because Bianca was the last woman to stand in her own hell with Baylor Bailey. Brock Lesnar “escaped” by pinning Bobby Lashley, at least reassuringly.

On that note, let’s look at four things we learned at Crown Jewel.

WWE Continues Booking Habit, Controversial Finale In Big Matches, Drew McIntyre Could Hardly Win
Drew McIntyre narrowly survives with victory
There were two matches at WWE Crown Jewel that ended with a confusing one, which left fans agitated on social media. The opening clash between Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar had the most confusing ending, and Drew McIntyre and Carrion Cross ended their rivalry with a flat conclusion.

All-Mighty dominated the Beast avatar for most of the match. In the closing moments, he locked in The Hurt Lock. Fighting wildly to escape, Lesnar kicked the top turnbuckle and pinned Lashley, whose shoulder was down on the mat.

The former US champion was furious, and the crowd reacted with thunderous applause, stunned by the conclusion. Lashley attacks Lesnar and nearly put his opponent to sleep. Finnish did neither good nor bad for man and, therefore, seemed relatively meaningless.

For Drew McIntyre vs Karian Cross, there was some incredible in-ring action and drama in their steel cage match. However, the ending raised some eyebrows. The Scottish warrior hit Claymore, but Scarlett Bordeaux closed the door and took the key.

The former WWE Champion climbed the walls of the cage, while Scarlett initially hesitated and slowly opened the door and tried to get Cross out. In the end McIntyre’s feet touched the floor, but his opponents did not lag behind either. Their steel cage encounter was billed as the climax. However, the ending was not convincing and left much to be desired.

#3 Bianca Belair What a win for Bianca Belair, the top star in the Women’s Division of Raw!
What a win for Bianca Belair!
WWE has a very talented women’s division dominated by Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. The latter two are out of action, allowing lesser-utilized stars like Liv Morgan to step up to the plate. However, one woman has effectively become the top female wrestler on Raw and the division’s “number two” behind Rousey: Bianca Belair.

WWE’s EST once again proved its worth under the bright lights of Masoorul Park in Riyadh. In a brutal, historic case, Bianca Belair and Bayley brutally punished each other across the stadium. Given her success since her return, she may walk away from the Raw Women’s Championship.

However, it was not a night for Bailey to win. Belair executes a KOD on top of a steel chair to disable her opponent and become the last woman to stand.

Doubts were rising in everyone’s mind. They thought Belair’s days were over, but EST proved she was here to stay.

Being physically weak and staring at Braun Strowman was hardly a sight for anyone, but Omos had the qualities to achieve both. The Nigerian Giant is a physical specimen and was the only true “giant” in Strowman’s absence. The return of the former Universal Champion challenged the Nigerian’s claim.

After a good build, Omos and Strowman eventually collide in a titanic clash of epic proportions at WWE Crown Jewel. The Nigerian Giant set an example for a former member of the Wyatt family, throwing him around and reassuring him.

However, Strowman returned and hit a running powerslam from anywhere to secure the most important victory of his second WWE run. The victory established him as Omos’ superior and true “Monster of All Monsters” in professional wrestling.

In the making of the match, Logan Paul claimed three things: all his skeptics would approve of him, he would give the performance of a lifetime, and try to land a “lucky punch” on Roman Reigns. After the dust settled, the 27-year-old social media sensation ticked all three boxes from her checklist when she took The Tribal Chief to the extreme.

From two well-executed Superman punches to a frog splash through the announcement table, Paul dug deep into his arsenal, which was very diverse by celebrity standards, and had several near-falls in the match-up. It wasn’t easy for Roman Reigns, who knew he was in a fight when The Maverick punched him hard.

Many on Twitter described Paul’s performance at WrestleMania 37 as the best performance by a celebrity, surpassing Bad Bunny’s famous show Bad Bunny. Even though he lost, he won over thousands of fans with an enduring effort.

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