WWE veteran praises former champion’s recent work with The Bloodline

The Bloodline is the biggest act in WWE today, and its special counsel Paul Heyman recently applauded Sami Zayn, the newest member of the faction.

Since becoming an official part of Roman Reigns’ faction as Honorary Uso, Zayn’s skills on the mic have seen other members of the group, such as Jimmy and Jay Uso, develop into three-dimensional characters, not The Tribal Chief. instead of reduction. ,

During a recent interview with Corey Graves on After the Bell, Paul Heyman explained how joining the major Canadian faction has helped other members.

“Sami Zayn in The Bloodline is a perfect example of a catalyst that has now revealed the many layers of different personalities in The Bloodline. We’ve seen Je Uso make me more of a right-hand man alongside Sami Zayn. defined as we defined Jimmy Uso before Sami Zayn.” [55:30 to 55:57]

The Bloodline is gearing up for a big weekend at Crown Jewel as The Usos and The Tribal Chief put their respective undisputed championships on the line as they both look to retain their historic titles.

Roman Reigns’ Relatives Aren’t Convinced About Sami Zayn’s Joining The Bloodline
While the former Intercontinental Champion’s presence in the group has led to some amusing moments, his commitment to the faction raises many questions.

Speaking exclusively to Sportskeeda Wrestling Senior Editor Bill Apter, former WWE Tag Team Champion Samu, who won the title with Rikishi, the father of The Usos, said that Sami may be trying to deceive his relatives.

“You try to see the good in a lot of people. I haven’t found his side yet, what he’s doing, what’s attracting him. I see he has a lot of things that deceive him . Give. Whether it is for her. The bloodline or well being of the family remains to be seen.”

Despite Sami Zayn’s intentions within the group, it cannot be argued that his recent interactions with Roman Reigns, Jay Uso and the rest of the group have led to some of the most entertaining segments in WWE.

Do you think Sami Zayn would like to cheat on Roman Reigns and his family from inside? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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