Current WWE star reflects on the match that gave him the confidence to challenge Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has been WWE’s most influential Superstar in the last two years. Logan Paul, who will face Tribal Chief at Crown Jewel, revealed that his performance at SummerSlam inspired him for the latter.

Logan Paul faced The Miz in a singles match at SummerSlam this year. The two previously teamed up in The Maverick’s first match at WrestleMania, where they defeated The Mysterios.

However, The Miz angered Paul after the match, leading the social media megastar to confront him after signing a WWE contract.

Logan’s performance at the biggest party of the summer impressed many, including the YouTuber himself. Speaking to Bleacher Report, the 27-year-old reflected on his second match inside a squared circle.

“It might surprise you but the online reception for me hasn’t always been positive. I don’t know if I’ve ever had something in my life where everyone’s like, ‘Ahhhhh… I don’t like baby but He was good. He was good. You have to respect that.'”
Logan said the match gave him the confidence to challenge the biggest star in the industry.

So I challenged Roman Reigns. I looked back and saw what I could do, I loved it and I said, ‘Why not just shoot for the best and I put Roman Reigns in the fight.'”

Paul Heyman believes Logan Paul deserves to win Roman Reigns title
While Logan Paul’s upcoming match against Roman Reigns is only the third match of his pro wrestling career, the social media megastar is already a well-known name in the pro wrestling industry.

Paul Heyman, who may be on opposite ends with Logan, believes the YouTuber will be eligible to win the world title if he defeats The Tribal Chief at WWE Crown Jewel on Saturday.

“He wouldn’t be David Arquette with the title. He wouldn’t be a disgrace. He takes it too seriously. Whether it’s the end of Roman rule or not is another story. But, if by fate and the strangeness of God and the sky tribal Sardar and Logan becomes the undisputed champion in an act of hatred for Paul, he would not be an unqualified champion.”

Logan Paul has impressed fans and critics alike with his two matches in the WWE ring. However, Roman Reigns is at the peak of his power and will be Maverick’s biggest challenge ever.

What are your thoughts on Logan Paul challenging the Tribal Chief? Is Paul a deserving world champion? Let us know in the comments section below.

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