Former writer says WWE could pay top star “a lot of money” to lose to Roman Reigns (Exclusive)

Former writer Vince Russo feels that Logan Paul can charge a decent amount for his upcoming match against Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel 2022.

The Tribal Chief’s ongoing feud with the YouTube sensation has been one of the company’s most divisive in recent memory. Many fans have criticized the promotion of booking Logan Paul to challenge Roman Reigns for the undisputed Universal Title, despite wrestling only two matches.

However, some others are hopeful that Logan will prove his opponents wrong this coming Saturday.

In the latest episode of Writing for Sportskeeda Wrestling With Russo, Vince Russo opens up about the upcoming Crown Jewel match. He thought Logan was taking Paul home for a struggle he was sure to lose.

“Logan Paul has made himself millions and millions of dollars. Was very successful in boxing, obviously on social media. I wonder how much they pay this guy because there are a few things. Number one, he’s really cheesy.” Could like. Because I think they might have to pay this guy a lot of money to go to Saudi and get a job for the regime. Like, it doesn’t help his brand,” Vince Russo said.


Russo said that Maverick could be a “mark” for the wrestling business, which is why he agreed to compete in an alleged match with The Tribal Chiefs.

“So, I think it could be a combination of payday, and this guy could really be a mark for the business, and I think he really enjoys doing it.” (25:22 – 26:11)

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Vince Russo needs Logan Paul in WWE

In addition, Russo said that Logan Paul would like to work with WWE as he is an iconic mainstream face.

“I think WWE needs Logan Paul more than Logan Paul at the moment,” Russo said. (26:29 – 26:38)

Whatever the outcome at Crown Jewel, it’s safe to assume Logan Paul is here to stay, considering how quickly he’s learned the ropes. Fans can expect him to give a tough fight to Roman Reigns without going down soon.

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